Thursday, Apr 28, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Deep Cleaning.  Time to get out the scrubbers, the gloves, the abrasive agent and  get to work.  What is an area of your house, your life, your self that is need of some deep cleaning?  A major detox or cleanse?

This could be manifesting as anything from the bathroom  floor to  your diet.  It could be you need a liver cleanse or you need to scrub the toilets.  Maybe you need to finally shift a toxic person or pattern out of your life for real or you need to wash your windows.  Its all the same anyway.  The action of cleansing, cleaning, scrubbing, putting your attention on the work of clearing…. is what is necessary right now.

Choose your tools:  Scrub Brush or Juicer?  😉  And get to work today.

Word of the Day:  Cleanse

Song of the Day:   Bitter:  Sweet-Dirty Laundry


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