Friday, Apr 29- Sunday, May 1

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Weekend.

Limits.  Know Yours.  Honor your personal space.  Set your boundaries.  Knowing your limits requires knowing yourself.  Honoring your boundaries requires loving yourself.  To know and love yourself is to take care of yourself.

This weekend, pay attention to where you may be pushing yourself too much, too hard and practice self love instead.  Take the time you need to replenish, rest or just take a time out.  Paying attention to these needs will go a long way toward personal preventative medicine.

Dis=ease, in all its forms,  comes about often when we have neglected to pay attention to our selves, our bodies, our emotions or our basic needs.  We live in a time when it seems to be “normal” to ignore these warning signs in our bodies and personal lives and just “plow through”.  Eventually, we become sick, tired, depressed, run down ,stressed out, anxious, depleted.  Somehow, we accept this ias a part of the process.


We can maintain our life force, our focus, our clarity, our health, our mood…. if we only pay more attention to our limits and honor them.  Lets support each other in honoring our limits so that we don’t individually and collectively crash & burn.

Word of the Weekend:  Limits

Song of the Weekend:  Take Good Care or Yourself by the Three Degrees




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