Friday, Dec 30, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Hope.  What is it?  Where does it come from?  How is it cultivated, nurtured, spread?  It is our most human, humane, response to fear, adversity, pain, hardship.  It is what is on the other side of skepticism, cynicism.  Hope is the truth behind the mask, the thing some of us are scared to even consider because  we are afraid of being ‘wrong’. Afraid that we will get ‘hurt’.  In our fear, we are unwilling to take risks, to be brave, to find Hope.  But Hope requires constant care and attention.  It needs to be rallied, to be voiced, to be watered and fed.

What are you “watering and feeding” in your life right now? As you review the past year and have the unique opportunity to let go into the darkness, look at the things you are nurturing consciously and unconscious through your thoughts, feelings and actions.  You must be honest here.  Its OK.  This is just between You and You.  No need to go announcing it to the world (unless you want to!).  Keep it private for now.  And in that privacy, allow yourself some extra space to accept what it is you really feel.  Do you spend your days angry and flustered?  Distracted?  Accusatory? Obsessed with all that is ‘wrong”?  On the flip side, do you find yourself blissed out?  Numb to the pain?  refusing to the see the darkness?

Neither of these extremes gives us a clear understanding of Hope. For Hope requires acceptance, understanding, truth, clarity and the willingness to believe in something as of yet unknown.  In short, it actually requires all of the above…. the anger, the bliss living together in an honest, real way.

Today, choose Hope.  Not the pie in the sky kind of Hope.  Not the Hope born of desperation because there are no other options.  But real, true, clear, honest… Hope.  Fill each breath, each step, each moment with it.

In this way, we pave a new path forward into 2017, one hope filled step at a time

peace all.

Word of the Day:  Hope

Song of the Day:  The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance


Thursday, Dec 29, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


A soft rain falls outside, painting the world grey. What is here , today, in this damp, shimmering place?  What is here beneath the heaviness of a thick sky?

As the last days of 2016 tick away,  one slow drudging step at a time, I  wonder why the floodgates of the sky haven’t opened their weary arms?  Haven’t let the pouring rain come crashing through?  I await the release, the letting go, the cleansing action, the purification…But it doesn’t come.  Not yet at least.  Instead, theres a holding pattern in place.  This place where we get stuck.

It’s not the place from which we shift. It’s not the place where we let go from.  It’s not the place the births change.

Our collective consciousness is shattered, torn to shreds, fragmented, cracked.  To become whole requires balance, acceptance, understanding, compassion… the likes of which we have yet to see or feel.  This balance is not about choosing sides and picking battles, not about pointing fingers and laying blame, not about criticizing and ridiculing, not about making broad generalizations or ascribiring to one pedagogy.  This balance we require is hard wired into our world and beings, but we need to uncover it first.

To get there, we must all first lay down our arms and be willing to listen,to see, to understand.  Not to judge.  We must be willing to sit with our own regret, side by side, and own it with clarity.  We must be willing to accept all that has been and all that is, what has gotten us all collectively here.  Most importantly:  We must be willing to accept our piece.

And then, hand in hand, together (there is no other way) we can take the next steps forward with a little more lightness in each step.

These last few days of 2016, this is what I am working on.  I am here for you, you who are working too.  May we give each other the strength, courage and inspiration to each do our part from this moment forward.  May we dust off the relics of our memories from our past shared humanity, unity and co-existence so that we can remember the path forward and lead the way.


word of the day:  regret

song of the day: With God on our Side by Bob Dylan (a song of hope)



Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Energy Musing.  Here. Now.


Push the re-start button.  Reboot, upgrade, start over.  Breathe it in and let it go.  Its truly time to clear the slate. Your personal slate.  Your INNER slate.  Your being.  Your network.

In the coming week , clean out your energetic, emotional and also physical (!) closets.  Sweep the corners, dust the shelves.  Keep it light and fun, maybe even silly. With each and every exhale, remember to let go.  Let go of your hooks, lines, sinkers.  Let go of the places you need to feel that you are “right”.  Let go of your old stories.  Let go of who you think you are,  what you think you need to prove it to, who you need to convince.

You can come back to those things AFTER you have cleared, cleansed, rebooted, upgraded.  For now however, you must let it all go to allow the proper integration and alignment to occur.  In particular this means:  let go of your conspiracy theories (even if you don’t see them as such), let go of your blame (even if you think its justified), let go of the stories of your life (even if you think they have made you who you are), let go of your fear (even if you are afraid to), let go of your need to be right (even if you are), let go of inflammatory language (even if you feel very passionate), let go of judgement, hatred, anger, greed, and then… let go some more.  Most important, let go of your Attachment.

Its not forever, this letting go.  Its like taking all the dishes off your shelf so you can dust and clean the shelf. Then when you put the dishes back, one by one , you might decide you don’t need as many,or one has a crack and needs to be thrown away, or another needs to be repaired.

Maybe today, start with one closet, or drawer, or corner, or small shelf, or edge of a table.  Look inside, and see what needs to be cleaned.

Quote of the Day: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”  Lao Tzu

Song of the Day:  When the Children Cry by White Lion