Women’s March. Jan 2017.

Recently, I have had a re-curring conversation.  It has been amongst friends, co-workers and students.  The theme: The Womens March in DC.  For those of us who live & work here, who call DC our Home, there is a unique perspective that keeps coming forward in my circles.  There are those here who feel pulled (and sometimes obligated) to participate in the March to show their solidarity and support for a cause they care deeply about, but who secretly, quietly …. don’t really want to go.  This is for a whole host of external “reasons” but around this decision there is sometimes tension, uncertainty and guilt.  Maybe this sounds familiar? Either for yourself or for those around you?  Maybe you have heard or sensed these whisperings in the air?
In these interactions with others, I share my perspective.  I will be here for the Womens March, in my home, holding space.  I will be in ceremony, supporting my sisters, my friends the best way I know how.  I will be in deep prayer all day.  I will provide fire and food and warmth. I will not be in DC actually “marching”.
This is because I know who I am,  And I am an amplifier. I amplify energetics in groups and individuals so that they can see what they need to work on next.  My energetic Being identifies blocks and blindspots and pulls them right out into the open, shines the light immediately on them.  This can be tremendously helpful for those serious about shifting or clearing.  But in a large gathering, where a lot of people might show up who have unsconscious blocks or where others might show up specifically in order to disrupt the flow…. having an amplifier can be risky.  I often stay away from large groups for this reason.  I also know how to work the outer layers of the energetic field really well.  In my sound work, I work mostly with tools atuned to the “sharps” (A#, F# etc). The sharps correspond to the chakras off the body.  This is my territory, where I do most of my clearing.  I share this with you as an example of the level of self understanding necessary at this time in order to step in to YOUR work.
 THIS is what will catapult the Womens March from being “just another march” to being truly transformative.  I hold the vision of each of us in our specific space, holding the place we are designed and intended to hold.  What this looks like to me is a series of concentric circles, radiating out.  Like the rings around a pebble tossed into still water.  In the center of these rings, are the women at the march itself. They are uniquely designed to be in this “marching” place. They hold the energetic to maintain peace, integrity, strength, love, compassion and judgement.  Their energetic signature will be in alignment of the greatest good possible. They will have a soothing, community building vibe.  They will know how to keep tension at bay. My prayer is that those holding this part of the web be clear, discerning and extremely well grounded.
Moving out, from this central form, will be a series of rings, each one as important as the one before and after it. There is no hierarchy here.  There is no room for envy or comparison here. Each of us must know, beyond doubt, where we are meant to be.  In these circles, we will be holding space, through ceremony, intention and prayer.  The sisters in the outer rings make the work in the inner rings possible.  Let me re-iterate that: The Sisters in the Outer Rings make the work in the inner rings and in the center POSSIBLE.  They will know who they are.  They know how to work from afar. They know how to set perimeters that encompass large areas.  They know how to clear space, particularly the outer energetic layers.  They are well prepared for this work and have been preparing for a long long time.  Each subsequent ring will be clearing further and further out so that any debris is taken care of and won’t come back at us.  If any individual ring is not held, if the sisters don’t show up, then it becomes much harder to do the work collectively and there will be consequences.  Perhaps the work won’t “stick”?  And we will be back in the same place again in a few years?
ALL of us will be in service that day. Do not think for a moment if you are not downtown marching, you are not supporting your sisters.  If you’re feeling like you to get as far away from DC as possible, perhaps you are an outlayer?  Holding one of the outermost rings. This is a special place to be too.  As I envision these rings, this form materializing in my minds eye, I see each one filled with the women who need to fill them.  There are no comparisons, no judgements, no guilt.  There is radical self awareness and acceptance.  If this Radical self awareness occurs, and we all take our place where we need to individually, then collectively we will bring in exactly the momentum, shift and energy that is needed here and now.
For this vision to actualize, we all must stand in the place of our truth.  Between now and then, seek out your truth. Seek out Who you are.  Ask teachers, friends, supporters… for their feedback and guidance. Ask.  Ask again.  We need the feedback right now to reveal our blindspots.  We need the multiple perspectives to give us more clarity.  This is not the time to shut yourself in your room in self reflection alone.  Keep clearing and grounding and working and when your truth is revealed practice radical acceptance.  Embrace unconditional self-love.  Feel the power of YOU standing in your sacred truth.
I will be here:  in my home, serving tea and soup with inspiring joyful music playing (maybe some dancing?!), art supplies available and holding sacred space, for you, for you ALL.


Energy musings?  Here? Now?


maybe not.

The plain truth is… I can’t even.  I can’t even find the words, the positive spin, the neutral place from which to translate the complex layers of information that come in. Usually, I can find a thread.  Something digestible that others can take in, can breathe into, and can expand with.  But now the landscape has changed. Completely. Unidentifiably.  I honestly can’t even write the date at the top of the page anymore.  As each new day passes by it feels like another grain of sand slipping through the hourglass of Time.

I don’t mean to sound negative or depressing.  I don’t feel that actually. But it is a difficult, ugly, brutal truth out there.  One that feels like it doesn’t need to be repeated.  I don’t even want to describe it.

There are those who need to protect themselves with blankets of hope, optimism, promise.  Those who need to get angry and riled up and move to political action. Those who need to cry, and feel, and maybe even “wallow”.

I get it.  I get ALL of it.

I can’t say to you: Don’t Wallow… get up and do something!  I can’t say to you:  Don’t be Naive… face the truth!  I can’t say to you :  More anger won’t help:  Find your inner Peace! Although all of this has merit.

And the one guiding principal I feel, is we have to respond differently.  Different from our habitual responses.  As you go through your process and tap into your triggers (emotion? depression? head in the clouds? anger?  blame?  conspiracy? paranoia?), know that they are there to teach you, that why its OK to hang with them for a little while.  But then, it is up to each of us to see them, these triggers, for what they are …. and to clear them.  Now.

In the energetic field, when I tap into the voices that always guide me, I hear one thing over and over and over

“It was never supposed to happen like this”.

But here we are.  Here We Are.

This is all I can tell you.

Here we are.

And as you are going through your own process of reconciliation, understanding, and knowing… look for me.  look for others.  Maybe, just maybe, through this dense fog of illusion, we will see each other.  And your eyes and my eyes will meet.  And in the meeting we will know.  We will know how to stand in this new place, how to take steps forward, how to be.  And as we reach for other, we will find others.  coming together, one at a time.  And as we come together, our joining of breath will clear a space in the fog.  And in that clear space, we will create an opening for more and more people to come.  Slowly, slowly, regaining our discernment and re-creating this world, from the inside out.  Re-Evolving as a species and a planet.

Old habits die hard.  Are you finally willing to let go of yours?


On Balance in Precarious Times

these little sky paintings are all about balance. Which is NOT necessarily equal parts.  Instead, I look at the relationship between sky & earth, above & below. 


There is always more I can say on any given day, in any given post.  My “musings” tend to remain positive, action oriented and simple.   This is intentional.  Everything I write is always to help navigate whatever is happening energetically currently or to help with something that is coming.  Its more than just “nice advice”.   This I wrote after my blogpost this AM and is an important addendum to the discussion.  May you find peace, health, strength and balance.  Remember the Full Moon is approaching.  This is significant as well.  Work now, and that transition will bring you exactly what you need.  

Many, many, many, many of You, of Us, have been having one hell of a challenging time lately. Over the last few weeks I have watched as friends, family, neighbors, students, teachers…. have been hit hard by the incoming energetics and the discord present at the moment. The discord is created by the places within each of us that are not in balance.

I personally have had HUGE lessons on balance, acceptance and what my own personal strength looks like previous to this energetic download. I am deeply grateful for those lessons as they have helped me navigate the current tide with more ease.

Those of us left standing with awareness, who are awake at this time, have looked out over the landscape with people suffering to ask: Whats Happening?

The best I can do at this time is to keep myself in balance so that I can be there for others who are ready to step into balance as well.

One at a time, hand by hand, we are building bridges to this new place. One at a time, hand by hand, WE are actually creating the blueprint, the new map. If you are having a hard time right now, know that we are here…. hands outstretched… holding and waiting for YOU. Take the time you need, let go of your frustration, judgement, expectation of how its supposed to be. This is vital.

Then….Find your balance.

Then Reach and you will find me. You will find us. You will find yourself.

And the world will change, forever.

On the Energetics of Politics and Personal Clearing

Outside, it is snowing in April.  Inside, a Fire is warming our unexpectedly cold home and bodies.  I am struck at once by these weather patterns playing out.  From 80 degrees one day, to 30 degrees the next.  This pattern has been on repeat through Spring.  The extremes being amplified, played out.   Where is the balance of Spring?  The transitional Season?  The wisdom of that middle ground between Winter and Summer?  It seems to be missing.  Seriously.

As always, Mother Nature reflects for me larger patterns playing out elsewhere.  In this case, living in the DC area, I look to the current political campaigns. The divisions both within our primary 2 parties and between the 2 parties more pronounced than ever.  The “extremes” being played out.  In many directions.  The overall sentiment fueling these oppositions feels legitimate:  the need for change.  It’s whats driving everyones passion and conversations these days.  Every single one of us.

Heres what seems lost to me:

  • that we all want the same thing.  Yes,  ALL of us.
  • that to work together for change means to move forward with sensitivity, awareness and integration … ok I will say it:  LOVE…so that no one feels left out.  That really means NO one.
  • that those rightfully looking for ‘revolution’, have missed the most important way to catalyze change…… by shifting the language and way we talk about politics in the first place.

in a nutshell:  Unity.  Unity is missing.  Unity is missing in these United States.  How ironic.  And Forgiveness.  And Mercy.  And Compassion too.

Nothing will ever ever ever shift for real without these components.  No matter how hard you/we push, there will be a counter push: a backlash. If not right away, eventually.  And then we will be at it again, pushing from another direction.  This is “Energy 101.”

I ask myself daily:  is it possible for us to really change how we talk about or conceptualize these larger issues in our society and culture through politics?  There is not one media outlet that accomplishes this yet.  So that makes it challenging of the individual seeking to have thoughts and opinions of their own. And yet, we must continue to work to seek our own views and our own way of expressing them, rather than being hand fed catch phrases.

I see around me, a move towards more compassionate communication styles that focus on true listening and unhooking re-actions and blame.  This I love. But I do not see this mirrored in the political landscape ….yet.  I think we need a big TIME OUT  to really give this some undistracted (and I see the media, in all its forms, as mostly a distraction) thought and honest consideration. Its just TOO important.

So I start with you.

And I ask, whatever your beliefs, your politics, your knowledge of history is or isn’t, is it possible to start fresh?  Begin again?  Not be “blindly” following a political view or candidate because you have already invested so much energy up to this point?  To stop reading only the articles that confirm your already strongly held belief? In the end, you are always free to hold whatever beliefs you decide upon.

But to take a step back, and another still, and maybe a few more, until you see the whole playing field in a new light… without re-acting.  Can you then step back in, slowly, carefully, one breath at a time, letting go of what you suddenly realize doesn’t serve you, to re-enter the conversation with more grace, compassion and neutrality?  Clearing as you got, the path for others to do the same. Perhaps you just might have to admit you were wrong.  Whether you are or not, it is vital to be willing to at lest accept that if it comes up.  How honest are you willing to be here and now?

If we all do this, or at least some of us, than certainly some of the “ugliness”, the fighting, the righteousness, the name calling, the labeling, the blaming from the various campaign trails will surely begin to lose its power.

Then, maybe then, we can emerge anew, understanding our inherent united-ness in these United States.

I love you all.




Over 40, and still Emerging


Recently, I was forwarded a link to a Washington Post call for nominations for Women “over 40 to watch”. This caught my eye.  As I am over 40, a woman, and hell, why not watch me?!  But as I scanned the list of honorees from last year, I was dismayed. Apparently, “women to watch” meant attaching the letters CEO to your name and required at least several, if not all of the following: Having a Blog, FaceBook page, Website, Business, Ted Talk and or written a book.  It also requires having won multiple awards, honors and/or grants as well as being a sought after speaker, workshop leader and teacher.  (You know, the ones that get hired as Guest Artists or Master Teachers) .  Oh yeah, and having lots of degrees from upstanding Colleges helps too.  And being fit, thin, healthy, good looking… well known of that hurts either.
Not that theres anything wrong with any of this.  Lets get this totally straight: I applaud these women whole-heartedly and openly. Each one of them.  Everyone deserves success.  Heaps of it, as a matter of fact.  I myself fall into several of these categories, (sort of.)
But it occurred to me just how skewed this whole “rating system” is in the first place. I wondered if there is any space to honor, award and recognize those on a different path of success.  Not one of high powered , very public ‘success’.  But those choosing a quieter, no less authentic or powerful, presence for their work and life?  Seems to me, these people are quite often under paid, under acknowledged, and pretty much invisible to the rest of the world.  Hell, I know lots and lots and lots and lots of them.  And I would love to see every single one of them given loads of money and recognition just to keep being who they are in a  world where they consistently are swimming upstream.  They are the unseen movers and shakers.  And they are EVERYWHERE.  Seriously.
They are the Moms who choose consciously and happily not to continue on a projected career path to focus on family instead, but who still keep working on their own projects and passions daily.  They are the Dreamers and Seed Planters who have no resources to create their own business, often due to socio-economic status, but who sow their seeds freely and openly for the benefit of others around them.  They are the Innovators who always have the newest idea 10 years before the public even thinks about it, but who have no desire for fame and instead teach small intimate classes and workshops to a dedicated few whose lives are truly, authentically, changed forever.  They are the authentic Wisdom Keepers, who believe that charging money for their talents, skills, gifts and knowledge is just wrong.  They are your neighbors, your mentors, your teachers who no body, outside your circle,  has ever heard of, but whose value you see Oh-So-Clearly.  Some of them, over the course of their lives, have touched thousands of others and created positive change on person at a time, and still, they are not winning awards and receiving National recognition. They are not “certified” by some fancy board or organization.
The question I am left asking myself is how do we recognize ’some’ as outstanding, and not see others who are just as outstanding, only by a different set of criteria?  Is there any diversity, as I have described it,  in how our society picks and choose who is eligible for “fame”?   Doesn’t it seem narcissistic, to pile more awards on those who have already won them or achieved success?  How is it that this is how we decide who is deserving of recognition? (and could you even follow that question?!)
I personally would like to see wide spread public recognition for those specifically under recognized leaders and contributors to society, who seem to fly under the radar with their work, talent, passion and commitment.  And who work tirelessly and fully for those around them without much actual compensation for their amazing work. Sometimes its quiet work.  Just planting the seeds of change so that the next generation can think they created it 😉 You know who you are.  I know who you are. And I hope some of you reading this know who these people are too.
 I love you all so so so much. You are absolutely a National Treasure. I amazed by your  love, teaching and light. I am grateful beyond words for your presence here, now.
And I see you.  I see you.  Even if the rest of the world is still asleep.
Especially for my dearest Teachers & Friends including:
Don Kimes, Darin Somma, Kate DeChard, Andreas Mamet, Triz Remedios, Artis Moon Amarche, Stanley Lewis, Jacqui Garcia, Camille Capozzi, Mary Jane Piccuirro, Phil Piccuirro, Randall Exon, Emily Atwell, Melanie Brown, Neva Ingalls, Cheryl Sabo, Carla Stanz, Maria Fydova, Stanley Burgiel,  Robin McCarthy, Mike Graglia, Julie Schwartz, Tammy Steinert, Kerry Kenny, Diana Sherblom, Pam Tinker, Renate Maile Moskowvitz and this list could go on and on and is just the beginning.  I will keep adding to it!

Monday, December 21st

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today, tonight, marks the Solstice. The darkest night of the year.  A time traditionally for reflection, silence, inner work and pulling in.  As much as I feel called to gather with groups to mark these transitions (and I do!), the Winter Solstice really embodies and reflects a more intimate nature to our work.

This place, these days, are all about You.  Are you able to see clearly your needs, your requirements, your accomplishments and strengths when you are in a group?  Or do you wind up empathically connecting to all those around you and by default lose sight of the deeply personal and often painful healing and work you need?  Answering this honestly will help guide you to the place you need to be to acknowledge this  place of “darkness”.

We all know that the light is just on the other side of the darkness.  Just as the inhale follows immediately upon the exhale.  There is no need to fear one or the other.  The common blind spot we share is avoiding the darkness thinking that it is separate or bad in comparison to the light.  We can go on indefinitely individually and as a species, turning a “blind eye” to that which we would rather ignore or avoid.

Tonight we are given the beautiful opportunity to once again look in those difficult places with strength, love, self compassion and the true knowledge that regardless of what we find when we look there, the light WILL return.

As you have addressed the loose ends over the last weeks, done your “preventative medicine” work, addressed your procrastination head on… know that you are well supported to move through this transition cycle.

Relax, breathe and exhale into the darkness.

The Inhale will be waiting for you.





Humanity needs a Dream

Thoughts for today.

Disillusionment is up.  All around us we are beginning to see glimpses of the true nature of our world, our beings, our life.  In all its aspects, in all directions.  How we, collectively, have created what we, collectively, have sown.  No one is free from the responsibility of this creation.  How we respond is critical.

Separation has always been a part of this dualistic world we inhabit.  Within that separation, it is common to find our own way of coping.  Coping, is not a bad thing.  But it must be viewed as a temporary mechanism, not as a way to live permanently and build life.

Here lies one aspect of this disillusionment.

As we seek solace, as we cope, we bathe ourselves in light, linger in the sorrow, dance in the shadows, cloak ourselves with cheer.  Some of us, stand firmly in one of these places, anchoring in here refusing to let anything disturb our so called peace.  Others of us play this elaborate game of twister…. one limb here, one limb there, constantly changing our positions in search of that perfect balance or maybe just amusement!  As we become consumed or distracted, we forget that each of these actions represents a coping mechanism and in and of itself is not the end goal, but just a point along the way. Most of us advocate integration, coming together, living in harmony.  Do we really understand what this means?

Can we look forward with a dream in mind instead of looking back with anger and frustration and judgement?

Matin Luther’s epic “I have a dream….” speech is brilliant in part because he saw the need for a paradigm shift…to look forward instead of backward.  He knew we had to change the landscape of the  discussion completely in order to really eliminate the need to categorize humans in terms of “isms” and actions in terms of “ists”.

What is your dream?

Anchor in here.  Leave the disillusionment behind.  Breathe in the dream and let go of the fear.  Breathe in the dream and let go of the doubt.  Breathe in the dream and let go of the need to blame or to categorize each other.

We are all human.  May our humanity bring us into a deeper understanding or our Humanity.