Thursday, Mar 31, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Forgiveness.  Its one of those themes that circles round and round again, poking us gently here…then there.  Remember me?  It seems to whisper.  Forgive.  Forgive.  Forgive.

What is this word, “forgive”?  For some, it illicits deep guilt.  For others, it triggers defensiveness.  But ultimately, with acceptance, it is about release.  Where on this spectrum do you fall when you think about or hear the word “forgiveness”?  How does your re-action change as you think about forgiving others and then about forgiving yourself and also about others forgiving you?

Consider each of these carefully to see where your blocks are.  I use the term “blocks” to indicate a contraction, a gripping, a denial.  It is always your choice to forgive or not.  But if freedom from suffering is your desire, then forgiveness is key.  From the perspective of forgiveness, greivances we have are not “forgotten” but are seen and remembered totally differently.  Suddenly, the lesson is revealed and understanding replaces restriction.

Consider the roots of this word For-Give.  For Give.  Its fascinating, isn’t it?  From the old english, “for” likely translates as “completely”.  For give is to Completely Give.  To completely give requires total surrender.   Surrendering for giving… for Giving.  It is a gift to yourself as well as to others.  I love this word, the way its pieces play with each other and wrap around each other with a simple profundity that can open to great understanding.

Today, for giveness sake, Forgive.

Word of the day:  Forgive.

From   forgive (v.) Look up forgive at Dictionary.comOld English forgiefan “give, grant, allow; remit (a debt), pardon (an offense),” also “give up” and “give in marriage” (past tense forgeaf, past participle forgifen); from for-, here probably “completely,” + giefan “give” (see give (v.)).

The sense of “to give up desire or power to punish” (late Old English) is from use of such a compound as a Germanic loan-translation of Vulgar Latin *perdonare (Old Saxon fargeban, Dutch vergeven, German vergeben “to forgive,” Gothic fragiban “to grant;” and see pardon (n.)). Related: Forgaveforgivenforgiving.

Song of the day:  Human by the Human League


Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


This day, every day, LOVE.  Love whats here, now.  Love what is present in this moment.  In this state of Love, feel your breath, feel your heart, feel your blood. Be Alive. In this Aliveness, move froward through your day with Love as your guide.

Love is sometimes hard, sometimes frightening, sometimes painful. Love is sometimes beautiful, sometimes joyful, sometimes glorious.  Love makes you smile and laugh and cry (sometimes all at once!).  Love is light and dark.  Love encompasses the full spectrum.

Through these eyes of Love we see all things, ALL things, are truly the same. All things.  ALL THINGS.

Love is Unity in a world of no separation, no division, no judgement.  To integrate your life, to come into balance within your being and in the world, simply come into a state of honest, true, real LOVE… all aspects of it.

Accept love as it is and as it shows up.  Here and now.

Word of the day:  Love!

Song of the day:  All you Need is Love by the Beatles.


Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Messages are themes in our life  that circle around and around, coming back into view often.  I think of the wildlife I see around my house.  I don’t see all of these animals every day, but often…. sometimes more often than not… certain ones seem to show up.  Whether its the Owl, the Fox, the Coyote, the Eagle, the Hawk, the Deer. They are familiar friend, coming into view from time to time.

Certain energetic themes are like that.  They become familiar repetitions. The trick is, that each time they appear, they have a slightly different message… a change in the details.  Can you notice what is different?  Hear the message with freshness?  Feel the reminder and allow it in with the wisdom of the past but firmly rooted in the present moment?  Then you will be more able to take the message in, understand its relationship to You, here, now, and move on.

Each and every day, maybe even every moment of every day, maybe even with every breath…. there are messages for you. They are embedded in the very fabric of our world, our inter-connectedness, our breath.  Which ones do you hear?  Which ones do you “get”? Just listen.  Pay attention.  Ground yourself. Close your eyes. And breathe it in. Right here. Right now.  No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing.  It really is THAT simple.

Today, pay attention to the messages around you.

Word of the day:  Message

Song of the day:  Coldplay — A Message

Monday, Mar 28, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Renew your spirit.  Renew your soul.  Renew you life.  Renew your thoughts.  Allow new growth, new ideas, new patterns to come into your being.  Revive what is old and outdated.   Take careful inventory and be honest with yourself.

As you breathe in the fresh new spring air, listen to the early morning birdsongs,  witness the birth of nature, remember that you too are a part of this Spring Renewal.  You too are a part of the air, the songs and nature.

How will you renew your spirit today?

Start with a breath.  Always begin here.  And then take your first step forward.

Word of the Day:  Renew

Yoga of the Day:  Flow through from childs pose (Balasana), to knees-chest-chin pose (Ashtanga Namaskara),  to cobra pose (Bhujangasana), to down dog pose (Adho Mukha Savasana), then back to childs pose (you can repeat as you want).  Try doing this to the music below.  Oh yeah!

Song of the Day: Laura Mvula.  Green Garden. (so loving this one today!!!)

Friday, Mar 25 – Sunday, Mar 27, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Weekend!

Its time for Acceptance.  Acceptance of what you have previously shut out or denied.  This is likely quite personal, requiring deep looking inward.  Is there a piece, or pieces, of you, yourself, your family, your traditions, your life that have been left out, ignored, shoved in a closet?

Pick one, and consciously choose to bring it back into your being, back into your life.  With focussed intention and loving attention, this doesn’t need to be difficult…. just sincere.  Take a deep breath in and focus.

Are there places in your self where you can love yourself more?  Open the doors of your heart to your self and start here.  Then see what comes next.

And follow the path of Acceptance.

Word of the Weekend:  Acceptance

Song of the Weekend:  Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morissette



Thursday, Mar 24, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.



Celebrate your victories. Celebrate your losses.  Celebrate the unexpected. Celebrate the mundane.  Celebrate nothing. Celebrate everything.

This week is filled with celebration of faith, love, victory … of seasons, change, light, ascension.  Choose to celebrate it all.  Make it personal and celebrate all these things in your life that have brought you here today to this moment, this point, this epiphany.  You have much to celebrate.

As you join with others to celebrate through shared belief systems, take time for yourself to celebrate privately.  To celebrate the personal journey that is your life unfolding perfectly.

Word of the day:  Celebrate

Song of the day:  Can I Kick it?  Tribe Called Quest.  Celebrating the life of Fife Dawg.


Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Fragments.  Moments.  Glimpses.  Nothing ever is really complete.  Everything is a series of fragments strung together. Nothing is ever really perfect.  Just a series of imperfect moments connected through time.  We never really see the whole picture.  Only glimpses of what is possible and the rest our imagination fills in.

Today, enjoy these fragments, these moments, these glimpses for exactly what they are.  Some wonderful.  Some challenging.  Each one revealing its truth candidly.  The overall impression we walk away with is one we choose.  How do we connect the moments?  What lense do we put on our day (good, bad, rushed, lazy…)?

But in each moment we have the opportunity to practice acceptance and deep deep deep love.  Real love.  And in this love, each and every moment becomes just as beautiful as the one before as judgement drops away in place of understanding.


Word of the day:  Fragment

Song of the day:  Always and Forever by Heatwave (couldn’t resist this one today!)

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.



Memories float and drift, awash in my mind:  moments, fragments.  Odd little creatures they are, these memories.  They are not all bad or good. Many seem mundane, ordinary.  But somehow, in the story of life, they hold siginificant roles.  The main characters are not always who they seem to be.  The messages do not always come from the most obvious places.

Have I learned nothing but this in my life?  Look no further than the everyday, the people you meet, the moments of clarity that shine brightly in the most unexpected of places.  These are the truest teachings, the truest teachers, the memories that connect us to our past, present & future.

Remember them. And let everything else Go.


Word of the day:  Memories

Song of the day:  DeJa Vu by Dionne Warwick

Monday, Mar 21, 2016


Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Portals: overlapping.  coinciding.  emerging.  evicting.  

Each morning we are greeted with a portal.  The rising sun gives us access to the day ahead.  An opening, an entry, into what is coming.

Each night we close the day with a portal. The moon, in all its phases,  beckons us to enter yet again.  This time into the darkness, into the past.

As these portals dance together in a continuous cycle of opening and closing, returning and remembering, we dance with them.  We live in this constant state of flux between and among these portals.  Side by side they work with us and through us in every moment in every breath of every day.  They represent all that we need and all that we will ever need.

Look no further than this fine day, this exact moment, for all the access and information you could ever imagene.  You don’t need to create anything new or “special”. IT is already created for you.  All you need to do is look up at the world, at the sky, and arrive here & now in this new beginning.

Word of the day:  Portals

Song of the day:  Get it While you Can. Cover by Janis Joplin.  original by Howard Tate.

Friday, Mar 18 – Sunday, Mar 20


Ostara winter

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now

This Weekend!

A big weekend is upon is, filled with rituals,holidays and celebrations.  This coming of the Spring, the Equinox,  represents a shift on a planetary level, from one season to the next.  It also marks many other shifts historically and religiously.  Rebirth, celebrating the NEW and hope are all themes that weave their way through this various perspectives.  It is always helpul to pay close attention in these moments of connected transition; These intersections through beliefs and time.

At this particular point in time, we are being asked to be aware of any “leaks” of our energy, our life force, as we move through this weekend.  Notice places where you might be getting drained or where a parasitic or vampiric impact is felt. This could be on many levels including the physical, emotional, spiritual or energetic.

You may notice it right away.  Or you may have to take the time to carelly scan your being from head to toe.  Try scanning on multiple levels.  Try scanning the physical body noting sensations of gripping, pain or numbness. Scan the subtle body, looking for fluctuations. Scan the energetic body, looking for holes in your field no matter how small.

In all cases, reinforce your perimeter, your immune system, your boundaries and FILL yourself to fix theses leaks.  It is important that you remain Whole and Filled this weekend. Feeling the full capacity of your energy in your body.

And watch out for those unseen draining forces around you!  You may want to distance yourself from them a bit for now.

Word of the Weekend:  FILL.

Song of the Weekend:  Everyday.  Cover by Fiona Apple