Monday, Sept 18, 2017

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Nothing is unrelated.  So many lines of inter connection are present in all our daily work, play and interactions.   It can become overwhelming to try to take it all in. So, in order to  cope, we focus, order the information and move forward. This is helpful and necessary. But it can also lead us to forget the interconnectedness of it all and the multiple lenses that exist in collaboration with one another at any one moment, for any event.

Take a look around this week and be willing to see this  interconnectedness.  Anchoring in deeply to your own rootedness, feeling grounded and secure, notice what might seem like “coincidences” happening all around.  Are you willing to see these as not just coincidences, but important information that is necessary for your survival and thriving at this moment?  Not to brush them off or turn away or be dismissive or roll your eyes?

These coincidences, these happenings, can be on many levels.  Perhaps the animal world is offering you a mirror, a reflection?  Seeing or hearing a particular animal repeatedly this week or recently.  Perhaps its something you have been seeing as a mere annoyance (keep losing your keys recently? ).  Look to the hidden messages this week as they are coming up all around us.

They are here to guide us forward through the transition coming with the Equinox. To move us into a place of balance and equanimity.  Understanding how the logical, scientific, and analytical information works in union with the supernatural, energetic and sacred is critical.  Balance the Mind and the Spirit for this coming week and you will find yourself moving forward into this Fall with clearer discernment and awareness.


Word of the Day:  Equipoise

E-Themes of the Week:  Hawks and birds of prey, Fire, Revolutionary War, France, low back pain, ‘accidents’ on the physical body (minor but irritating), ovaries, lymphatic system.

Song of the Day:  Connected by HUMAN


Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2017

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Resistance.  I have been contemplating the meaning of this word and its associations lately.  The feeling I get when hearing or reading it.  Its multiple applications from the Physical Body, to fitness, to historical moments.

Resistance.  Sometimes it seems to have positive attributes and intentions.  Sometimes it seems necessary though not ideal.  Sometimes, it holds a kind of captive power that concerns me.  Like a false kind of strength that makes you feel good, but really, you’ve gained nothing.  Sometimes it seems to call forth a quality of stubbornness which may or may not be useful.

Resistance. I treat this word, this concept, as I do all words/concepts, with respect and extremely careful consideration. Its too easy to just pick up the drum beat in unison without first asking : Why?  and is this the best tool for my stated desired outcome?

Lately, I feel that resistance has become the second sister of Anger, living in her shadow. Not knowing where to place complicated strong emotions, “resistance” becomes an easy target for these un-resolved feelings.  Just insert all frustration, anger, anxiety, etc here, in this  box called “resistance” and suddenly you feel empowered.

I question everything that empowers me.  What kind of power am I suddenly imbued with?  who’s power?  at who’s expense? Is this clear, honest, non judgemental “power”?  The kind that uplifts everyone ?  or not?  Where does this power lead?

I would like to pose an antidote.  Something new to try, even if just for a moment.  I am not asking you to live with this forever.  Just to get curious, explore and see what is here for you.

Resist Nothing.

Start with Acceptance.  Start with Love.  Start with Compassion. Start with Non-Judgement.

Notice then what happens to the resistance. Is it still necessary?  Does it have the same force?  Does it lead you in a different direction?  What has changed?

Is there another word that comes to mind that better expresses what is here, in this space? What wisdom, knowledge and understanding is to be gained here?  In this place of non-resistance.

This is what I am exploring these days.  The world of non-resistance.  I’m not talking about passivity or detachment.  I’m not talking about faking happiness.  I’m not talking about giving yourself permission to witness atrocities without responsibility.  All I am talking about is this:

What happens when you let go of your attachment to resistance.

I really want to know.



Word of the Day:  Resistance

Song of the Day:  Redemption Song by Bob Marley


Thursday, Dec 29, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


A soft rain falls outside, painting the world grey. What is here , today, in this damp, shimmering place?  What is here beneath the heaviness of a thick sky?

As the last days of 2016 tick away,  one slow drudging step at a time, I  wonder why the floodgates of the sky haven’t opened their weary arms?  Haven’t let the pouring rain come crashing through?  I await the release, the letting go, the cleansing action, the purification…But it doesn’t come.  Not yet at least.  Instead, theres a holding pattern in place.  This place where we get stuck.

It’s not the place from which we shift. It’s not the place where we let go from.  It’s not the place the births change.

Our collective consciousness is shattered, torn to shreds, fragmented, cracked.  To become whole requires balance, acceptance, understanding, compassion… the likes of which we have yet to see or feel.  This balance is not about choosing sides and picking battles, not about pointing fingers and laying blame, not about criticizing and ridiculing, not about making broad generalizations or ascribiring to one pedagogy.  This balance we require is hard wired into our world and beings, but we need to uncover it first.

To get there, we must all first lay down our arms and be willing to listen,to see, to understand.  Not to judge.  We must be willing to sit with our own regret, side by side, and own it with clarity.  We must be willing to accept all that has been and all that is, what has gotten us all collectively here.  Most importantly:  We must be willing to accept our piece.

And then, hand in hand, together (there is no other way) we can take the next steps forward with a little more lightness in each step.

These last few days of 2016, this is what I am working on.  I am here for you, you who are working too.  May we give each other the strength, courage and inspiration to each do our part from this moment forward.  May we dust off the relics of our memories from our past shared humanity, unity and co-existence so that we can remember the path forward and lead the way.


word of the day:  regret

song of the day: With God on our Side by Bob Dylan (a song of hope)



Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Its hard not to talk about the upcoming election and its current energetic impact on the area and the country.  Many of us are tired of it. Ready for it be over.  Totally Done.  We have stopped reading the tweets, the posts, the emails, the letters.  Stopped listening to the radio, the talk shows, the comedy shows, the rants, the pleas.  And at a certain point, it is necessary to say “Enough“.  You have the information you need to decide for yourself what should happen and what it is that you might personally need to do or contribute.  Know that and let everything else go.

As you come to that place, re-inforcing your personal perimeter, creating a protective shield around you, remember that the influence of the election is still out there.  Watch you health and keep yourself clear.  This will become increasingly important over the next few days.  Do what you need to do to Ground yourself and just keep clearing your field.

Get plenty of sleep, eat well, move your body, get out in nature, breathe consciously, meditate, read your favorite piece of fiction, make art, play with your kids, drink tea, nurture yourself, call a friend, fill yourself and fill yourself some more.  Notice the situations and people and places that drain you and just stay away from them for now.  Notice the situations and people and places that fill you and anchor in there.  Its time to start the healing process. To get a jumpstart on it NOW.

Be well Everyone.  And take care of YOU.


Word of the day:  Clear

Song of the day: Take Good Care of Yourself by the Three Degrees

Friday, October 14, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


This weekend, reflect on this past week.  Messages from the animal world have been present.  One at a time, they have stepped forward to inform, guide and help.  As you put the pieces together from their collective voices, what picture does it paint?  Pay Attention.

For me, the Owl, the Fox, the Raccoon have featured prominently in my periphery.  The owl has been bringing pre dawn calls consistently.  Right before the sun rises in the still darkness. Right outside my bedroom window.  Bringing my awareness to that transition time from sleep to wake, from dark to light.  The in-Between.

The Fox, has left scat everywhere.  Particularly, It lines the entire route I walk my dog every day.  This brings my attention to the paths I walk, to the new paths I may be making, to old outdated paths.  It also brings my attention to the indigestible:  what needs to be discarded after it is processed.

The Raccoon, has shown up in alarming numbers, as roadkill on my driving route.  Mostly these have been on the side of the road.  But yesterday, as though I wasn’t getting the message (or maybe its urgency has increased),  a very dramatically splatted Raccoon smack in the center of the road (on the yellow line even) of the way I drive every day (alongside the river).  And then, another.  And, another.

Its like this with animal medicine, they tend to get louder and more persistent if you don’t get the message.  The Raccoon reminded me of pathways, roadways, rivers.  Of the dangers that are present as others are not paying attention.  Of the need for tremendous protection.  Of the sacrifices made through history and time by others so that we may be here, present, safe, now.  She also reminded me of the center line, the place I live and work, and the need to have 360 degree awareness at all times while in this place.

In my personal work, I then put these pieces together in understanding and vision.  I listen, I weave, I listen again, I integrate.  Its important not to just see the individual pieces, but to see the collective wisdom as well.  Otherwise, you risk being “blindsided”.

I bow in deep gratitude to all this from my animal friends and then I breathe it in.  My greatest gift of appreciation is to listen to them.  And to understand the call for action they are asking of me.  The interpretation is personal.  No book will tell you what it means.  No teacher or friend can give you the answer. You must find that still place in side and be willing to look and listen without fear, judgement or expectation. Its for YOU to hear. This is why we spend so much time and focus on understanding and clearing the space TO that place beyond judgement and hooks and triggers. Precisely so that when information comes in, it has a clean place to land, and you/me/we have a clear channel to listen through. This is called discernment, and it is of the utmost importance right now.

Allow your discernment to give you access to the messages from the animals. They have wisdom, knowledge and direction to share.

Word of the day:  Discernment

Song of the day:  Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley


Wednesday, Sept 7, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Shine On.  Like the light in the darkness.  Like the candle on the altar.  Like the Moon in the night sky.

Watch the sunrise, the sunset, the moon rise…. and breathe it all in.  This light, returning again and again, in new forms, shifting and changing.

Today, find your light and shine it brightly.  From the inside out.  And feel your light returning to you, from the outside in.


Song of the Day: Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.



The Sky is Earth’s Blank Canvas. There is nothing else quite like it.  Images move across its surface. Color changes. Form emerges, than disappears.  Sometimes there is movement. Other times stillness.

Under the lovingly watchful Sky, seasons change, weather moves, nature speaks.

I look to the sky every morning, every evening, every chance I get to see what it has to tell me today, here, now.  Sometimes, I hear music.  Other times, words dance in my mind.  Often, I am just in amazement at the constantly changing display… the living Art it has to offer.

As I take a deep breath in, and blow it away, I notice the space inside me is not unlike that sky, this sky.  The colors changing through the day, the rise and fall of our natural rhythm.  And always, always, the steady blue underneath it all.

Reconnecting to that blue, clear, blank canvas I ask myself and the sky above:

What, dear love, shall we paint today?

Today, look to the sky.

Monday, Mar 28, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Renew your spirit.  Renew your soul.  Renew you life.  Renew your thoughts.  Allow new growth, new ideas, new patterns to come into your being.  Revive what is old and outdated.   Take careful inventory and be honest with yourself.

As you breathe in the fresh new spring air, listen to the early morning birdsongs,  witness the birth of nature, remember that you too are a part of this Spring Renewal.  You too are a part of the air, the songs and nature.

How will you renew your spirit today?

Start with a breath.  Always begin here.  And then take your first step forward.

Word of the Day:  Renew

Yoga of the Day:  Flow through from childs pose (Balasana), to knees-chest-chin pose (Ashtanga Namaskara),  to cobra pose (Bhujangasana), to down dog pose (Adho Mukha Savasana), then back to childs pose (you can repeat as you want).  Try doing this to the music below.  Oh yeah!

Song of the Day: Laura Mvula.  Green Garden. (so loving this one today!!!)

Wednesday, feb 3, 2016

Energy musings.  Here.  Now. Today. 

Wash it away. The grief, the sadness, the disappointment, the loss…. Let it go. Through tears or not, allow the cleansing power of water to wash you clean. Inside, outside and all around. What is it that you cling to through attachment with sadness? Allow it to drop away, to pour off you. Soften into your being and then soften some more. Through attachment you create clinging through clinging you create constriction through constriction you create a blockage. Let go of the painful memory. Let go of the heartache. Let of feeling like you need to remember. Allow healing to touch the places long ago blocked off. In this way, you take one more personal step toward your own freedom.


Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.

Today, find clarity.  The crystal clear blue skies allow you the opportunity to see clearly  where it is in you life and your self that need to be cleared.  As you look at the sky today, see it as a backdrop illustrating your inner, subtle state of being.  If there are clouds, haze or fog imagine where those places might register on your body . Close your eyes and bring your attention inward.  With your breath, clear those places.

If its thick, heavy, stubborn… relax.  It Will shift, it always does.  Just acknowledge the challenges, keeping it as light as possible. Free of judgement, expectation.  Maybe you can paint a picture of the sky as you would like to see it?  Or write about it instead?  or Dance it or sing it?  Through your own creative genius, you can bring the clarity you need to manifestation.  Find your own way.  Find your own path.  Find your own voice.

Today the sky is your canvas.  What will you create?



Word of the day:  Clear

Action of the day:  Paint the sky!  (or dance or sing or write or…)

Song of the day: Up from the Skies.  Jimi Hendrix. (original and covered by Rickie Lee Jones)