Jeneen Piccuirro (the artist formerly known as Zalya) is a trailblazing homeschooling mama, visual artist, belly dancer, tantric yogini, Buddhist, meditator, sound healer, visionary, chi lover, all around integrationist, self proclaimed spiritual anthropologist, nature lover, avid traveler, passionate Italian-Catholic Jersey Girl with a lot to say and do! Go figure.  She is motivated daily to write, create, dance, sing and inspire. Often all at the same time with skill, mastery and wit.   Deftly dodging the stereotype “Jack of all Trades, Master of None.”  Sadly, she is never inspired to clean her house.

Some claim she is “all over the map”.

To which she replies “yeah, so?”  or in New Jerseyian parlance… “duh!”

This blog represents her attempt to bring a portion of her vivid inspiration into language.  Perhaps with some humor to lighten the mood. Hopefully it will make sense sometimes too.

To learn more visit http://www.studiointhewoods.co


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