Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Raise your Vibration.  Raise your Frequency.  Raise your Life Force.  And reach your Higher Ground.

As you step up, filling yourself more, others will notice. They will reach too. But don’t do it for them, do it for yourself first.  Expand and breathe into your highest potential.  Anchor in here.  Allow the inspiration to ignite you.

It is important now, not to get discouraged or feel held back by things that may be happening (or not!) around you.  Look for the bigger picture, the larger perspective.  As long as you are following your path (and not someone elses by mistake!) trust in the process and continue moving forward. Its ok if things seem to or need to slow down a bit.  Just keep moving on.  And FILL your being completely.

Close your eyes, and with a breath, let it go.


Word of the Day: Life Force

Song of the Day:  Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today, the energetics of Bellydance.

The Art of Bellydance is both an introspective reflection of oneself and the Divine (looking inward) AND an outward creation of Joy, Grace and Gratitude (expressing out). In this way it follows all great traditions leading to balance and enlightenment through understanding the flow of energy In and Out. Like the Breath itself, it contains all the information our bodies and consciousness need to be awake and aware in this life here and now. The fitness, strength and confidence that also result from the bellydance are to me like Icing on the Cake.

This is Sacred Dance.StudiointheWoods©DianaSherblomPhotography-803-3

Monday, May 23, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Unity.  Its one of those topics that comes in and out of focus over and over again.  Its been spiraling around closer and closer to our center for the last few months.  Each time it comes in focus again, steps forward to be looked at anew, a different perspective is gained.

What concept of Unity in your life, your world, your body, your mind… needs to shift and evolve here and now?

This is the question to ask as these repeated themes show up.

The piece of Unity pushing forward at this time is the concept of the integrity of the parts within the creation of the new Whole.  As we come together in Unity, in many different ways with many different opportunities, it is integral that we respect and accept the differences that create each piece of the larger picture.  Unity then, is not about convincing anyone else to share your opinion or see things your way or change themselves in any way….. it is about Radical Acceptance.

With radical acceptance we see our commonalities more clearly than our differences.  With radical acceptance we see from a larger perspective gaining new knowledge.  With Radical Acceptance we come to love ourselves, and others, more .

Radical acceptance is sometimes akin to Faith.  It takes a leap, a breath and a letting go of previously held assumptions.  It is crucial that there are not a list of other “assumptions” waiting on the other side of that breath for you to dive into.  You must dive into the unknown instead.  Here is where a new definition of Unity… and comm-unity… arises.

This week, today, what does Unity have to teach you about yourself, you assumptions, your ego, your pride, your strengths and your radical acceptance?

Word of the Week:  Unity

Song of the Week: Lucky Dube, Different Colors


Wed, May 18, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


The power of Song.  The power of Chant.  The power of raising your vibration with Sound.  Today, I offer you this:

Fly Like Eagles

May we all fly like eagles,

Flying so high,

Circling the universe,

On wings of pure light.

We are brothers and sisters,

Children of the light,

Here to make a better world,

For everyone’s delight.


Hey-wichi-ti-ti /<one sings>

wichi-ti—o /<one sings>

May we all love each other,

Each other as one,

Love will heal our mother earth,

Its only just begun.

May we all grow together,

Together as one,

This is the new age now,

The time has just begun.


Where we sit is holy,

Sacred is the ground,

The forest, mountain, river,

Listen to the sound.

May we all be one family,

Open and true,

Clear with each other,

I and I and you.


May we all sing together,

Rejoicing in the sun,

We are children of the Rainbow,

Of the New Age begun.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.

This Week!

WE are all one.  We ARE all one.  We are ALL one.

Descendent from the same peoples.  Connected by blood, breath, life force.  Connected by ancestry, geography, energy.  We breathe the same air.  The same blood pumps through our veins, brings life to the same heart.  We are all brothers and sisters, in the most literal way you can imagine.

These divisions we created.  WE created. When did we start creating them?  How?  At what point did we start splitting hairs?  Those people who you call “your tribe” in its modern usage…. yes, they ARE your brothers and sisters.  Those people who you call the “enemy”…. yes, they ARE your brothers and sisters too.  Those you call “foolish”  “evil”  “uneducated”  “vampiric”  “power hungry”  remember they TOO are your brothers and sisters.  As connected as we are, this means that these qualities live in us as well.  Perhaps on the most subtle of levels.

Focus here, now, on coming together as the One that we already are.

Focus here, now, on letting go of the need for divisions and separations through categories and name calling.

Focus here, now, on our Unity, our Commonality.

We have to start over.  Start again with this….. what brings us together in mutual desire for the betterment of ALL.  Focus only, only, here.  There will be time to work through differences, to bring understanding and light to those places, but without a foundation of Com-Unity, common unity, the work will have no base and will continue to collapse cycle after cycle.

With courage and understanding, reach for a hand that seems so unlike yours, so opposite of what you believe, and start there.  This is the first step for Humanity.

Word of the Week:  Common Unity

Song of the Week:  Come Together by the Beatles

Friday, May 13, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Plug into your source(s) this weekend and Fill your being.  Consider who or what your Source is.  And notice all the ways this Source speaks and guides you.

Through Art, Movement, Family, Nature, Stillness, Food….. Where is it that you need to look to re-Source this weekend.  What opportunities lay before you already and whhich ones might you need to create?

Being on “Go!”  all the time, can be energizing. This action filled life propels us forward with fiery motivation.  In the midst of this stimulation, take the time to remember your Source.  Even in the process of remembering this, you will bring balance and sustenance to your life, your work, your impact.  Its not necessarily about slowing down, but more about making sure you pay attention you as you are speeding forward.  And every once in a while, don’t forget to look up! 😉

Word of the Weekend:  Source

Song of the Weekend: You Gotta Be by Des-Ree

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Move beyond the hovering cloud layer, the grey, the rain, the dense heavy sky.  Higher, higher still, above the clouds, find the Sun. Its Radiance and brilliance continue to shine.  Right now, it is not absent, only hiding.

Why?  What is clouding your mood, your health, your vision, your path forward?  What can’t you move or see beyond?  Is there something to be released?  Something to be shifted?  Something to be cleared?

Imagine yourself rising up beyond the clouds through to the sun on the other side.  Ask yourself:  What do I see, what do I know, from THIS place?  What looks different from up here?

Then take a deep breath in… and really really REALLY blow it away.

Bringing the light, or the path to it, back into clear focus.


Word of the Day:  Release

Song of the DaySunshine by Matisyahu

Monday, May 9, 2016



Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


The medicine of the water snake.  From which we Evolved.  With shear determination and essential vital life force.  Moving, gliding, willing ourselves from the watery world to the the land.  Rippling, undulating muscles pushing us forward .  And with that strength and power  also comes subtlety and softness.  The ability to stay perfectly still when appropriate.  Size and fierceness not as much of an issue as stealth and focus.

Take a deep breath in, and let it go.

The medicine of the water snake. Transmutation, transformation.  Indeed, Medicine, itself.  In pairs, with partners, not alone.  Remember this. Glide effortlessly from one situation to the next.  Be at ease in the water or on land.  Allow suppleness to return to your being.  These are the gifts to transform the world right now.

They are gifts of balance.  Balancing the light and dark.  Gifts of non judgment.  Gifts of Ease.  Gifts of Grace.  Gives of non-duality.  Gifts of Transformation.

Shed old patterns of re-action.  Step into the fluid world of the Water Snake to find your , our, next step.

Word of the Day:  Undulate

Song of the Day:  Al Wison — The Snake

Monday, May 2, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This WEEK!

Time to take a time IN.  

A powerful new moon and the coinciding of 5 planets in retrograde phase combine to really stretch and potentially challenge you this week.  With the correct perspective and approach however, you can shift into a lower gear and climb the mountain with more ease.

Its time to take a “time out” or more accurately a “time IN”.  Extra ‘sick days’ piling up?  Now would be a good time to use them as preventative medicine (before you REALLY do need them!).  Take a load off your plate and don’t feel guilty about simplifying your schedule this week.  Simplify by shifting from something that can be draining to something that is truly filling.   This could be staying at home and baking cookies or going on a spontaneous road trip to visit family or friends.  Unplug from the internet for a day or two and plug into the nourishing life that surrounds you.  Don’t answer the phone every time it rings and resist the urge to check caller ID.  It can wait.  Lower your expectations of what to accomplish and raise your intention to get less done and BE more!

The new moon is traditionally a time for introspection and solitude anyway, and with the backdrop created during this week, this feels particularly important right now.  Solitude does not have to mean totally alone. It can mean at home, with family or with those who are very close to you.

Enjoy this week and may you find smooth sailing along these choppy waters. And remember to take it easy!


Word of the Week:  Time In!

Song of the Week: Take it Easy by the Eagles