Friday, November 27 – Sunday November 29

Begin today outside, with a deep sigh. A sigh of release.  An acknowledgement:”Phew!” Follow up with a broad smile.  Eyes lifted upward, look at the clear blue sky above you.  The clouds drifting lazily overhead.  Now close your eyes and sigh again.  A big exhale, releasing a sound as you breathe out.  Complete it with another smile.  Shift your eyes to the earth. To the fallen leaves carpeting the ground: their color, their scent, their pattern.  Close your eyes again and take a big breath in and release.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  Opening your mouth to let the air out.  Smile.  Now look straight ahead. Scan the horizon.  To the left, the right, behind you and in front of you again.  Which direction will you head today?  Which path calls you?  Notice the openings available to you.

Close your eyes. Breathe.  Release.  Open your eyes. Smile.

Look ALL around you, above, below, everywhere.  Take it all in using your eyes.  As you close your eyes, feel all that you gathered visually coming into awareness inside you.

Breathe.  Release.  Open your eyes.  Smile.

Repeat this often, throughout the weekend.  Take it all in and then let it go.  Find your direction. Clear your path.  Pay attention through your eyes.

Word of the day:  Vision

Action of the day:  Open your eyes and Smile

Song of the day:  Open Your Eyes



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