Monday, Nov 20, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


This week.  A week of Gratitude & Family, offers us the opportunity to embrace both the challenges and rewards of these personal, familial and societal traditions.  No matter if you celebrate, what you celebrate, how you celebrate or who you celebrate with.

To create the space for acceptance, love, wholeness, unity…. start with you.  Before the family, the friends, the events, the traveling, the cooking, the conversation, the activity, the liveliness of this holiday, take the time to spend time for YOU.  Perhaps alone even.

What are the practices that you go to for self care.  Massage?  Quiet time alone?  Meditation with your Sangha?  Creative outlets?  Something that both clears and fills you:  fills you with the spaciousness you require now to be the love and gratitude you know you are.  It might require getting away from the “busy-ness” temporarily.  Going out to the mountains, the sea or even the spa.

Take a moment today to ask yourself what you might need.  Remembering: this practice involves sensing these needs before we are in crisis mode.  The more we can practice THIS, the more truly present we can be in all situations for ourselves and each other.

Just breathe.  Place your hand on your heart and your belly.  Listen deeply to the information from these places.  Slow down, soften just a little, and keep listening.  How quiet do you need to become in order to really hear yourself?  Thats your work today and when you listen, acknowledge and respond to this inner voice for self care.

Poem of the Day: Buddha in Glory (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Center of all centers, core of cores,
almond self-enclosed, and growing sweet–
all this universe, to the furthest stars
all beyond them, is your flesh, your fruit.

Now you feel how nothing clings to you;
your vast shell reaches into endless space,
and there the rich, thick fluids rise and flow.
Illuminated in your infinite peace,

a billion stars go spinning through the night,
blazing high above your head.
But in you is the presence that
will be, when all the stars are dead.


Song of the Day: Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO

Monday, Sept 12, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Take Care of You today.  With the work of the season, of this beginning period, it is all too easy to have self care slip through cracks slowly or fall to the bottom of the chasm in an instant!  When you take the time out to notice JUST WHAT YOU NEED, you can put a stop to that slippery slope and reclaim your health and well being fairly quickly.

Notice where you might be off today.  Tired?  Achy?  Sore throat?  And then sit with those sensations to see what it is you need.  Maybe this is a long known pattern attributed to allergies and you know exactly the remedy that will work but just haven’t bothered to take it or purchase it yet?  Maybe its something new that you are feel too tired to deal with? Whatever the case, some fresh air and sunshine, a moment or two of silence, and a quick check in with your breath, will help guide you in the right direction for healing.

Areas that are under a lot of pressure today and this week include the middle back (particularly left side) and deep in the pelvis.  This is also manifesting in the throat with dryness and hoarsness.

Movement that rotates or gently twists the body in yoga or dance (or Tai Chi~) helps release the middle blockage.  Allowing that movement its natural access up the spine through the throat and down the body through the pelvis will help release the upper and lower blockages.

Access your own healing knowledge and take care of yourself today for a wonderful week ahead!

Word of the Day:  Self-Care

Song of the Day:  Loco Motion covered by Grand Funk Railroad.


Friday, July 8 – Sunday, July 10, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.

This Weekend.

Where do we begin?  As we stumble forward from a week of pain, horror, destruction, injustice, from every side from every angle, affecting every one.

Do you remember?  Do you remember that this is not the fist time?  How far back are you willing to look?     Can you look at the past and the present and see that  we are all stuck in a mad mad cycle of re-action?  What’s it going to take to stop it and shift the tide…for real?

Consider this as a personal starting point:  clear your own triggers first.  where you get hung up and stuck and caught .  where you fumble and fall.  Be honest. Theres too much at stake not to be.  In that process YOU create a pathway out and we  patiently do the hard work of literally paving a new road…together.  Each one of us doing our part while maintaining our understanding of the bigger picture.

And let me tell you something:  we desperately, DESPERATELY, need a new way to BE and a pathway that leads there.  Several actually.  Many, to be sure.  Yours, and yours, and yours and yours.

We need a new way to think, to work, to live, to accept, to honor, to trust, to love, to speak, to not speak, to understand, to hold, to acknowledge, to let go, to create.  Be careful of repeating old patterns that go nowhere.  Look for them.  As they will be magnified in your personal life and field these next few days.  Start here.  They will lead you to the connections that are broader in your community and in the world.

Start here…..but don’t stop here.  Take it out to world and help create that world you so desire.

peace y’all.einstein


On Balance in Precarious Times

these little sky paintings are all about balance. Which is NOT necessarily equal parts.  Instead, I look at the relationship between sky & earth, above & below. 


There is always more I can say on any given day, in any given post.  My “musings” tend to remain positive, action oriented and simple.   This is intentional.  Everything I write is always to help navigate whatever is happening energetically currently or to help with something that is coming.  Its more than just “nice advice”.   This I wrote after my blogpost this AM and is an important addendum to the discussion.  May you find peace, health, strength and balance.  Remember the Full Moon is approaching.  This is significant as well.  Work now, and that transition will bring you exactly what you need.  

Many, many, many, many of You, of Us, have been having one hell of a challenging time lately. Over the last few weeks I have watched as friends, family, neighbors, students, teachers…. have been hit hard by the incoming energetics and the discord present at the moment. The discord is created by the places within each of us that are not in balance.

I personally have had HUGE lessons on balance, acceptance and what my own personal strength looks like previous to this energetic download. I am deeply grateful for those lessons as they have helped me navigate the current tide with more ease.

Those of us left standing with awareness, who are awake at this time, have looked out over the landscape with people suffering to ask: Whats Happening?

The best I can do at this time is to keep myself in balance so that I can be there for others who are ready to step into balance as well.

One at a time, hand by hand, we are building bridges to this new place. One at a time, hand by hand, WE are actually creating the blueprint, the new map. If you are having a hard time right now, know that we are here…. hands outstretched… holding and waiting for YOU. Take the time you need, let go of your frustration, judgement, expectation of how its supposed to be. This is vital.

Then….Find your balance.

Then Reach and you will find me. You will find us. You will find yourself.

And the world will change, forever.

Monday, Apr 18, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Week:

Re-engage in a routine, habit or practice that you have lost touch with.  Something that has slipped off your radar recently or perhaps a long long long time ago.

Close your eyes and remember:  remember when you used to: wake at sunrise, practice yoga at home, journal, make art, drink homemade smoothies, meditate, jog, bike, sing, play the piano, garden……..You fill in the blank.

Something you did every day…. or almost every day.  Until it became easy.  A part of you, like breathing. Something that nourished you and comforted you.  Something that fed your soul and relaxed your body.  Something that made you smile, made your day brighter and made you feel Full.

Spend some time today discovering what that something is.  And like an old friend, invite her back into your life.  For this week.  See what wisdom she has to offer you. And maybe, you will invite her to stay longer. Re-connecting to a lost or forgotten piece of yourself.


Word: Re-Connect

Song:  The Cave by Mumford & Sons

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Messages are themes in our life  that circle around and around, coming back into view often.  I think of the wildlife I see around my house.  I don’t see all of these animals every day, but often…. sometimes more often than not… certain ones seem to show up.  Whether its the Owl, the Fox, the Coyote, the Eagle, the Hawk, the Deer. They are familiar friend, coming into view from time to time.

Certain energetic themes are like that.  They become familiar repetitions. The trick is, that each time they appear, they have a slightly different message… a change in the details.  Can you notice what is different?  Hear the message with freshness?  Feel the reminder and allow it in with the wisdom of the past but firmly rooted in the present moment?  Then you will be more able to take the message in, understand its relationship to You, here, now, and move on.

Each and every day, maybe even every moment of every day, maybe even with every breath…. there are messages for you. They are embedded in the very fabric of our world, our inter-connectedness, our breath.  Which ones do you hear?  Which ones do you “get”? Just listen.  Pay attention.  Ground yourself. Close your eyes. And breathe it in. Right here. Right now.  No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing.  It really is THAT simple.

Today, pay attention to the messages around you.

Word of the day:  Message

Song of the day:  Coldplay — A Message

Thursday, December 10

Today, its simple, hug yourself.  Hug yourself and in yourself feel the world.  Hug the whole word with love. Embrace this moment.  Lift it up with some tenderness, care and love.  In this space of embrace, allow whatever comes up to just be.  Tears, laughter, a big long exhale.  Let it go.  And fill yourself with love.

Your love.  Feel your love.


Pose of the day:  Hug yourself (need to create an asana for this!)

Word of the day:  Embrace

Song of the day: