Poem for the New Moon 2/16.

Who are you?  I asked the stars.

And they twinkled and burned and danced in fluttering patterns against the backdrop of darkness.

And so did I.

Who are you? I asked the clouds.

And they drifted and hung and swayed in lilting rhythms across the silvery sky.

And so did I.

Who are you?  I asked the rain.

And it fell with a heavy sigh in orchestrated unison collapsing to the earth in complete surrender.

And so did I.

Who are you?  I asked the sun.

And it blazed with glory and might, its powerful song arcing across the wide open curvature of the planet, in a single note.  And so did I.

Who are you?  I asked the moon.

And it radiated its beacon of glistening light in undulating waves embracing all of creation with a long slow exhale.

And so did I.

Who are you?  I asked myself.

And I melted into the earth and surrendered to the sky.

And the stars became my eyes;

And the clouds, my thoughts;

And the rain, my tears;

And the sun, my belly;

And the moon my, heart.

And so am I.




Monday, Apr 4, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Study the Way of Nature, The Tao.  The Be-ing ness of all that is living & breathing.  The place that exists outside the thinking mind.  The force that makes your heartbeat, your blood flow, that builds cells inside us constantly.  Some call this meditation.  Some call it prayer.  Some call it surrender.

Notice how much is happening constantly outside the processes of your thoughts.  Thoughts sometimes get in the way. Thoughts sometimes are very useful.  But our inability to know which is which can become problematic.

Can you take a moment to look at and observe a situation from this “thought-less” place, taking a cue from Nature itself?  Forget about what you “think”…..What do you notice?  Can you differentiate between thinking and noticing?  Awareness and thought?  When you connect to that awareness place there is almost an immediate feeling of settling.  Everything becomes calm, relaxed and more vivid.  This is clear mind.  In this place of clarity you will not feel hooked or triggered.

Take a deep breath in…. and let it go.  Close your eyes.  Connect to your nature.

Word of the day: Nature.  “…in the Chinese language, the word which we render as  ‘nature’ has a special meaning not found in its English equivalent.  Translated literally, it means ‘self-so’. For to the Chinese, nature is what works and moves by itself without having to be shoved about, wound up, or controlled by conscious effort.”  From Alan Watts “Become What You Are”

Thought of the day:  Study the Tao:  “…Anything you can define or imagine, anything you can understand or desire, is not the Tao.”  From Alan Watts “Become What You Are”

Song of the day:  Looking for Space by John Denver.