Saturday, Aug 18th, 2018

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

The Weekend Report.

Your Authentic self shines behind the clouded sky.  A blanket of grey, like a dusty lens, covers the clarity you seek.  Its only a matter of cleaning a small place to see through, a before you can get a glimpse of the work of your soul.  But when we clear off just one small spot in the midst of  a large dusty surface, it can quickly become consumed again.

This weekend, find a moment to cleanse an area of  your awareness.  There are many ways to do this:  meditation, coaching, yoga, QiGong, art.  You might choose where you go and what you do to “clear your mind”.  From that “clear mind” place, pay attention to what you notice.  This is but a partial view what and who you really are.  And an important starting point.

The question is:  will you remember it the next day? And the day after?   or rather:  HOW will you remember it the next day?  And the day after?!

This is a place for you to be creative and playful.  Write it in a journal, compose a song, make a picture, call your best friend, put sticky notes on your computer.  Find something you do every day anyhow, and add a reminder to the activity.  For example:  I light a candle each evening before going to bed. If I put a beautiful note right next to my candle with my insights, I will see and read it every night.  Then remembering becomes part of my evening ritual.

Eventually, you will be ready to clear more of the lens, take a bigger look: see more, be more.    For now, start with a peek, and let it in.

Song of the Day:  Johnny Nash.  I Can See Clearly Now.



Thursday, Aug 10, 2017


Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Rhythms & Cycles are up today and this weekend.  Particularly around the number 12.  Think of what this number means to you. What is your perspective? As you consider the number 12 and its relationship to your life, ground through the soles of your feet.  Now round through the SOULS of your feet.

You may need to first open up the bottoms of your feet.  You can do this through massage.  Maybe you need to remove calluses for better blood flow to the feet? See what care your feet need today.  Make your feet happy!  Maybe they need to dance or be elevated?  This is a vital piece before connecting in and grounding through the feet.

Then consider rhythms & cycles. YOUR rhythms and cycles.  How they move, how they flow, how they repeat.  Notice the patterns in your life and week and day.  Notice the patterns in each moment.  Think of the number 12.  Where and how does it play out in your world? These rhythms have something to show you in the next few days.  Be open to their personal messages.


Word of the Day: Cycles

Song of the Day: Show Me by the Pretenders

Friday, September 30, 2016


Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today. This Week-end.

Move into the darkness, with grace, ease and stability. Find the pathway through this dark place, eyes wide open, allowing in more and more light.  As you adjust to the darkness, you see more clearly what is around you.  What once lurked in the shadows, mysterious and unknown, now takes on a form, gentle, fuzzy-edged, soft.

Breathe in.  Exhale deeply.  Let go of the fear.  There is nothing scary here.  Only things hidden, half-seen, half-known.  To shift the fear of this “unknown”, invite it, them, into the light with you to get a closer look.  Here, you will find the forgotten ones. They are lonely, scared, unaccustomed to being noticed.  With love, tenderness, gentleness, you can bring them out of hiding and help to integrate them.

This is no small task. But it starts seemingly small. With you. With one thing.  With one place you still keep in darkness. Each time you are willing to look and see what has been forgotten, remember the breath.  Bringing life, your life, into all these places.

Becoming whole, we create union, connection. Through this connection…this wholeness… we heal. First ourselves and then, because of our connection, the world.  But it must start here. With you. In the dark.  In the tunnel.  In the shadows.  In this personal, intimate space.  This is how we evolve the whole world.

Today, start with you. Start with one thing.  And then another.  and another.  and another.  One step in the dark at a time. And bear witness as the world changes.


Word of the Day:  Shadow

Song of the Day: Light Em Up by Fallout Boy

Friday, Sept 9, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Weekend!

Find your Ease.  Amidst the newness of things.  Amidst the business of life.  Amidst the excitement of the week.  Amidst the high or low energy.  Find the place of ease.  Your ease.  This ease.  Find it in your breath. In your walk.  Find it in your gaze and in your voice.  Find the ease in your sleep and in your driving.  Find the ease in your passion and in your laziness.  Find the ease in your cooking and cleaning. Find it in everything you do, everywhere you are.

This ease is always present.  Always beckoning you to remember, to reconnect. Notice when you loose your connection to your ease=ful way.  Knowing, it is still there, you have just misplaced it!

With a breath, with an action, with a gesture, with a word, with a memory, with a knowing…. get it back.  Back into you.

Word of the Weekend: Ease

Song of the Weekend: Ease on Down the Road!

Friday, Aug 12-Sunday Aug, 14, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

This Weekend!

The Newness of Now.  The Nowness of New.  Each moment we live, we breathe, we experience is brand new.  A new precious moment, hour, day….. to play, learn, grow, love, accomplish, let go and create the life, family, relationships and world we long for.

But it all starts with a moment. With this moment. With this New moment.  Each word you utter, each reaction that comes up,  each interaction, each thought …. carries with it the potential of the new.

What is the potential of the New?  It exists beyond expectation and judgement.  It is in the present, not the past or future.  It holds limitless possibilities.  It requires total trust.  It begs you for unconditional acceptance.  Really appreciating the newness of each moment requires you to radically let go.  Let go of conditioned response.  Let go of old patterns.  Let go of repeating cycles.   Let go of all the ‘stuck’ places.

As you move through these next brand new 24 hours and beyond, to the brand new 24 hours after that…. can you embrace the New?  Can you look for the places where Newness will serve you and those around you.  Lifting you ALL to ‘higher ground’ in the process.  Shifting. Changing.  Transforming.

What is possible here… in the newness of now?

Word(s) of the Weekend:  Newness.  Nowness.

Song of the Weekend:  Whats New Pussycat? 😉  Tom Jones

Friday, Aug 5, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

This Weekend!  

Right Speech.  Consider your words, written and spoken, with powerful awareness. Many traditions, paths and beliefs hold the importance of clear non-harmful language as essential to living a harmonious and evolved life.   Samma Vaca, right speech, is one of the main Buddhist tenets for living the 8 fold path.

In determining “right speech” ask yourself is it:  Truthful, Affectionate, Timely, Beneficial & Well-Intentioned.

All 5 of these attributes must be met in order for words to qualify as “right speech”.  Consider this carefully.  The fact that all 5 must be present for clear communication is essential.  Each element works to help create wholeness.  Of course this requires ones ability to discern clearly for themselves if these attributes are met.  This is not always easy!!!  We could fool ourselves into thinking we are saying something from a place that is beneficial, when really we only want to convince another of our belief.  Maybe we have a long history of not being heard? We might unconsciously speak louder, angrier, in order to get our point across, thinking that this is helpful.

In times of stress, worry, fear, anxiety;  when it feels like there is a lot at stake;  when we feel ‘backed into a corner’;  when the whispers of desperation start to influence us;  when there is anger and resentment;  when anything pushes on us in a way that initiates our triggers….. we need Samma Vaca more than ever. It is in these times that it is most difficult to embody and yet, it is in these moments when it has the most to offer.

This weekend, explore Samma Vaca as much as you are able, and notice how it can transform your relationships and the world around you.

Word of the Weekend:  Samma Vaca

Song of the Weekend:  No More Words by Berlin



Friday, July 8 – Sunday, July 10, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.

This Weekend.

Where do we begin?  As we stumble forward from a week of pain, horror, destruction, injustice, from every side from every angle, affecting every one.

Do you remember?  Do you remember that this is not the fist time?  How far back are you willing to look?     Can you look at the past and the present and see that  we are all stuck in a mad mad cycle of re-action?  What’s it going to take to stop it and shift the tide…for real?

Consider this as a personal starting point:  clear your own triggers first.  where you get hung up and stuck and caught .  where you fumble and fall.  Be honest. Theres too much at stake not to be.  In that process YOU create a pathway out and we  patiently do the hard work of literally paving a new road…together.  Each one of us doing our part while maintaining our understanding of the bigger picture.

And let me tell you something:  we desperately, DESPERATELY, need a new way to BE and a pathway that leads there.  Several actually.  Many, to be sure.  Yours, and yours, and yours and yours.

We need a new way to think, to work, to live, to accept, to honor, to trust, to love, to speak, to not speak, to understand, to hold, to acknowledge, to let go, to create.  Be careful of repeating old patterns that go nowhere.  Look for them.  As they will be magnified in your personal life and field these next few days.  Start here.  They will lead you to the connections that are broader in your community and in the world.

Start here…..but don’t stop here.  Take it out to world and help create that world you so desire.

peace y’all.einstein


Friday July 1 – Monday July 4, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

This Long Weekend ;-)!

What does it mean to have a “new beginning”?  The opportunity to refresh, renew and re start something?  Does it mean to completely trash the old?  Tear it down and throw it away starting with a “clean slate”?  Does it mean to carefully consider what “stays” and what “goes”?  Does it mean to work with what you already have?

Consider these questions carefully this weekend as they apply to all the subtle layers of your personal life and space.  The pressure and tendency to want to “throw it all away” may be very heavy upon particularly since the Full Moon / Equinox 1-2 punch we experienced last month.  But this coming New Moon, at 7:02 am locally, coinciding with the “birthday” of the United States, holds a powerful energetic giving a unique opportunity to close one door with finality and open another with forward thinking positive energy.

The crux, as always, lies in the detail… in the subtlety swirling around these decisions.  If individually, we can see these parallels in our personal lives then collectively we have a better chance at creating new pathways with true understanding and with clear vision.

As the world news swirls around us in seeming chaos or order as each individual perspective sees its, take this time to look around YOU.  Your home, your life, your family, your work, your children, your health, your relationships, your feelings, your dreams, your friends, your cars…. all of it.  If you dismiss the areas that might be “off” in some way, you miss an opportunity to look closely at what is affecting you and your loved ones.  Don’t ignore that wound that won’t heal, the cold that is lingering,  the tightness in your neck, the rattle in the engine of your car, that pile of laundry that hasn’t gotten put away….  Not this weekend at least 😉  Attention to detail is of utmost importance.

As we step forward with awareness and consciousness, noticeably clear of any triggers, judgements, or expectations, there IS a new path waiting for us all.  With a a deep breath, step forward and lead the way.


Word(s) of the Weekend: New Beginnings

Song of the Weekend:  Closing Time by Semisonic

Fri, June 24 – Sun, June 26 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Weekend.

Family.  Friends.  Your flock.  Your tribe.  Your community. This Unity that binds us to each other. That reminds us we are all related.  We are truly all connected.  Separation is an illusion.  You can’t separate your bloodlines out and pick and choose which ones you want and which you don’t.  Its ALL in you. All in You.  To think of pulling apart the pieces, teasing out the “unruly” ones, would be like starting to pull of the fingers you don’t use as much.  Suddenly you will realize that each one is necessary to create the beauty and action of your whole hand. Don’t cut anything off!

In your own personal life, Stop the dissemination. Stop the pulling apart.  Stop the separation.  For this weekend at least, put that all aside.  Instead, look deeply at what acceptance, unity and connection would bring you.  Maybe you need to weave the threads together in a slightly different pattern?  Resisting and reframing the temptation to eliminate some altogether.

Family is at the heart of this work this weekend, so look here to find a way to apply these concepts to your life.  Then, with support, truth, acceptance and love…. Carry On.

sentence of the day courtesy my son Rilke: “carry on even in the darkest places” 

song of the day: Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas

Fri, June 10 – Sun, June 12, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Weekend!

Equanimity brings peace, healing and profound states of awakening.  It allows us the space and ability to not get triggered by our blind spots.

Blind spots are exactly this:  we are truly “blind” to them.  Once you see it, once you know it, you have the ability to shine the light there.  But true blind spots, by their nature, are not seen.  We even may stubbornly refuse to look at them when others point them out.  This is part of the difficulty in a lively debate over ideological issues or belief systems.  The inability to listen and see what another person may be pointing out as a blind spot in our own thinking.  Pay attention to this.

But all of that resolves if we can come into this graceful state of Equanimity.  Equanimity literally translates as  the combination of the Latin words: “aequus” meaning level or equal and “animus” meaning soul or mind. But it is more than just the combination of these words.  It is a blame free, trigger free state of discernment that allows one to see clearly through many layers of mist, fog and confusion.   Hostility, defensiveness and ill will are notably completely absent in this state of Equanimity.

Often we see anger and frustration as natural manifestations of what we call “passion”.  In fact, we almost expect them to give legitmacy to a persons words.  But Equanimity does not need or rely on these exuberant expressions.  It rests in a soulful, mindful place of awareness… what Buddhists call “the middle way”.

In a world, or in a time, when tempers flare, divisions are heightened, and dissatisfaction becomes the norm, it is extremely challenging (and quite unpopular!) to embrace this place of Equanimity.  However, it is in these times when it is needed most.  When the value of the vision created by Equanimity has the most importance and the most to teach us.

Listen. Listen.  and come into Equanmity as best you can .  Especially in a hostile, heated, argumentative debate or situation.  And just notice the affect this has on You and those around you.

Word of the Weekend:  Equanimity

Song of the Weekend: Equanimity by Ryan Stuart (piano composition)