Thursday, Aug 10, 2017


Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Rhythms & Cycles are up today and this weekend.  Particularly around the number 12.  Think of what this number means to you. What is your perspective? As you consider the number 12 and its relationship to your life, ground through the soles of your feet.  Now round through the SOULS of your feet.

You may need to first open up the bottoms of your feet.  You can do this through massage.  Maybe you need to remove calluses for better blood flow to the feet? See what care your feet need today.  Make your feet happy!  Maybe they need to dance or be elevated?  This is a vital piece before connecting in and grounding through the feet.

Then consider rhythms & cycles. YOUR rhythms and cycles.  How they move, how they flow, how they repeat.  Notice the patterns in your life and week and day.  Notice the patterns in each moment.  Think of the number 12.  Where and how does it play out in your world? These rhythms have something to show you in the next few days.  Be open to their personal messages.


Word of the Day: Cycles

Song of the Day: Show Me by the Pretenders

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Look into the places where you feel afraid.  Peer inside with tenderness and care.  Be willing to see the places that scare you.  The dark places.  The shadowy corners.  What lurks there?

These hidden fears are often representations of something tender, raw, vulnerable.  We make them into monsters in our mind, but they are more like prey.  If we ask these places what they need, we can shift them and bring ourselves into deeper levels of balance in the process.

What are you concerned about, worried for, right now?   Remember this:  All of us, ALL of us, regardless of class, race, upbringing, religion, belief systems, share in this human quality of wanting to survive.  In this survival place, we all have our concerns which sometimes get triggered into fears.  We wear these fears very similarly:  as anger, pride, self-righteousness, stubbornness.  But really, we all just need to be safe.  If I look around at those yelling the loudest, at those who are most accusatory, at those who have been ignored or those who have the most, I see people who just want to feel secure. Who just want to know they, and their loved ones are protected.

Are we, as a Human race, able to look beyond the chasms of our differences, and see this common need for stability , this shared interest of being healthy and whole, as a unifying trait?

Start with you.  Start with now.  Start right here.

Song of the Day: Safety Dance by Men without Hats

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Wake me up inside.  From the inside out.  From the outside in.  From all around at once.  From every direction simultaneously.

Like a wind sweeping through the trees,  dance me in this wakefulness.  Like a rain let loose from above, soak me in this wakefulness.  Like a sun, rising to its full strength, bask me in this wakefulness.

Wake me in from the outside.

Like the breath, rising and falling in each and every moment, without hesitation, wake me up from the inside.

Wake me out from the inside.

In every cell, in every sound,  in every taste, in every touch, in every sight, in every sensation,  in every moment, in this moment

wake me up.


Song of the Day:  Evanescence “Bring me to Life”

Wednesday, Sept 21, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


What a week so far!!  I could write a book for you this week with all that is happening! The opening created by the alignment of the Full Moon leading into the Fall Equinox, has brought up the past, the past and the past.  Call “it” what you will, many have been experiencing this as pressure, pain, sickness, tiredness, etc.  This is happening on every level, from the personal to the planetary.  Focus today on the personal.

Movement is the key.  In particular, circular movement.  As in Bellydance or QiGong, circular patterns are UP.  And it is taking a LOT of movement to keep the body from seizing, gripping or going into old patterns.  This could be on a subtle internal level or very literal.  Its important to not get discouraged or judgemental if you do find yourself in one of these “stuck” places.  Perhaps you are there because you need to pay deeper attention to what it actually is or where you are actually stuck?  In all cases, remain vigilant, clear minded, and accepting.  And keep moving!!!!

The more you can clear today, the cleaner your transition through the rest of the week will be.  As the last “official” day of Summer, dance, sing, move, play and celebrate all that you have experienced and appreciated from the past season. Give thanks to what you have created, what you left behind and what is coming.  Dance your prayer, alone or in a group, maybe even outside to the moonlight!  And let it go.

Word of the day:  Clear!  (using circles!)

Song of the day:   Circles by Atlantic Star.

Monday, Sept 12, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Take Care of You today.  With the work of the season, of this beginning period, it is all too easy to have self care slip through cracks slowly or fall to the bottom of the chasm in an instant!  When you take the time out to notice JUST WHAT YOU NEED, you can put a stop to that slippery slope and reclaim your health and well being fairly quickly.

Notice where you might be off today.  Tired?  Achy?  Sore throat?  And then sit with those sensations to see what it is you need.  Maybe this is a long known pattern attributed to allergies and you know exactly the remedy that will work but just haven’t bothered to take it or purchase it yet?  Maybe its something new that you are feel too tired to deal with? Whatever the case, some fresh air and sunshine, a moment or two of silence, and a quick check in with your breath, will help guide you in the right direction for healing.

Areas that are under a lot of pressure today and this week include the middle back (particularly left side) and deep in the pelvis.  This is also manifesting in the throat with dryness and hoarsness.

Movement that rotates or gently twists the body in yoga or dance (or Tai Chi~) helps release the middle blockage.  Allowing that movement its natural access up the spine through the throat and down the body through the pelvis will help release the upper and lower blockages.

Access your own healing knowledge and take care of yourself today for a wonderful week ahead!

Word of the Day:  Self-Care

Song of the Day:  Loco Motion covered by Grand Funk Railroad.


Tuesday, May 7, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Sometimes you just need to Dance.  Move into that formless state of energy.  Listening deeply to your bodies needs.  You really don’t even need music for this kind of movement.

It is meditation, yoga, transformation, prayer, sweat, tears, rhythm, cleansing, grounding, freeing, filling.  It is a place where thoughts don’t interfere with your connection to the Divine, your connection to your Soul.  It is a place where no ones opinion matters. Where there are no politics or politically correct.  Where there is no judgement, fear, expectation, copying, teaching or need to prove anything.

You can do this by yourself ANYTIME.  Just keep letting go into your body and move it!

Dance until you sweat, until you feel your muscles, until your breath is deep and fuller than you ever imagined.

Today (or tomorrow 😉  Just Dance.

Word of the Day:  Dance

Song of the Day:  The Politics of Dancing by Re-Flex

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today, the energetics of Bellydance.

The Art of Bellydance is both an introspective reflection of oneself and the Divine (looking inward) AND an outward creation of Joy, Grace and Gratitude (expressing out). In this way it follows all great traditions leading to balance and enlightenment through understanding the flow of energy In and Out. Like the Breath itself, it contains all the information our bodies and consciousness need to be awake and aware in this life here and now. The fitness, strength and confidence that also result from the bellydance are to me like Icing on the Cake.

This is Sacred Dance.StudiointheWoods©DianaSherblomPhotography-803-3

A dance for Prince


it started with a song, “Kiss”, playing in my mind on auto repeat a few days ago.  Singing along and belting it out in the shower, the kitchen, the car, walking the dog.  I laughed & smiled. Memories of youth and flashes of Your brilliance filling me with energy and love.  So I sang, with my heart & soul and all my voice had to offer. I remembered the concert last year. The magic and mystery of it.  What a story that was!  Front row center hand plucked from the crowd.  I will never ever forget.
Still, the song lingered.
When a song won’t leave, I know it brings a message, though I never can predict just who or what that message is for.
A few days later, a student brings in a song by Vanity to my evening class. And we dance and dance and dance. Spinning, twirling, igniting the space with Joy. It is an Ode to her Artisty.  It is a Celebration.
But I think immediately of You.  This dance we create together, is a tribute to the one who nurtured so many others.
Me?  I am alone in my room dancing for Prince.
That night, a dream.  Deep, long, vivid, unforgettable.  I am at Paisley Park with You.  We are alone in this mansion of a home.  It’s a retreat.  An opportunity to create and be creative in the presence of Genius.  You are holed up in a basement cave… a studio.  I have a loft like room, far off from yours, sunlit and bright, to paint in.  Together we go on a creative binge.  Hardly seeing each other or speaking or eating. You work all night, never sleep.  I am swept up in your drive, your motivation, your blazing soul.  I paint with total concentration and freedom.
In small spaces we occasionally interact, meet.  In these in between moments, a bite to eat, something to drink and conversation.  Pieces of conversation that seem to express so much despite their brevity.  In one, you tell me of your love for God, your dedication to Jesus.  You express a disappointment in the assumptions from others that musicians are strung out, wasted.  You are clean. You want me to know this.  I say I already know.
Another conversation we talk about the choice to be “ordinary”, not to rise into fame but to choose instead to live a quiet life with no less of an impact on the world, only invisibly so.  You reach, and ask me more.  This ordinary life has escaped you and there is a longing for the comfort of privacy you have never really known.
 I offer to take you, with me, into the world of “ordinary”. Into places to drink tea, walk by the water, quietly reflect without being noticed.  And as I take your hand, we enter the world as two children. Siblings.  Innocent, free and unnoticed.  We skip and laugh through the streets. No one pays us any mind.  There is a freedom born here, alive here, that allows the soul comfort and joy.  You drink it in, this childlike place of innocence. To you, it is Divine Nectar.  To me, it is just regular life.
I see myself in a new light though your eyes.  This privilege of being here, out of the spotlight.  To appreciate the quiet places.
You invite me back to your studio and I witness, first hand, your process of creation. A magical journey of trust, faith, and total…. total surrender.  I am in Awe.
“You need a song”  you suddenly say to me.  A song? 
 “Yes, a song.  You need to Sing.”  To sing?  I can’t sing, I protest.
” Oh yes, you can. you must.”
And so you coax me on, urge me to jump in with abandon, and soon we are singing creating paintings I never dreamed possible with words and tones and a whole new language.
 And you are writing, writing a song for me.  It is my song.
There is more, so much more, many years of shared experience pass in the moment of the dream. Time shifting to make space for what is necessary.  In each one, I provide the sanctuary for you to feel safe and ordinary and you provide the space for me to reach new and unknown heights.  This sharing, this interchange, is deep and personal and life changing.
 We are soul brother & sister, connected through art and expression and life and the creative force that binds and inspires us ALL.
I cannot shake this dream when I wake. It was as though lifetimes passed in the hours of sleep.
That morning, I drive home from an early morning art gig.  I stop to pick up groceries and on my way out of the store, my eye is  caught by a large bouquet of Purple Wildflowers.  Something in me demands I buy them. So I do.  Even the cashier comments on their purpleness, their woodsy fragrance and their beauty.
Back in the car, driving home, I hear the news for the first time.  The wind is knocked out of me.  The tears run hot down my cheeks.
My dream, still on the cusp of my memory, still alive in my heart, remains frozen in time.
The purple flowers sit next to me in an empty passenger seat.
“I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray…”

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today.  We all have a dance.  A personal dance that is our life unfolding, undulating coming into BE-ing.  What is your dance? Like your name, your dance is unique. It carries its own energetic.  It follows its own Rhythm.  It has its own voice.  It is yours to receive, to own, to share.  How does your body move?

Forget what you have learned in classes or training. Forget the Yoga, the Tai Chi, the Ballet, the Modern.  How does YOUR body move?  Can you come to the place where only you exist and where no one or no thing has existed before or after you.  The place of total surrender and presence?  The stripping away of all that is Other to your innate BE-ing.  In this place, your true dance will be revealed.

Today, can you touch it?  see it?  smell it?  Drink it in one breath at a time?  Fill yourself with it?  Dance your dance.

Word of the day:  Dance!

Song of the day:  Dance to the Music by Sly