The week in review

Energy Musings. Here. Now

The real state of this union

Waking up to each new dawn, there is a feeling “what will this day bring?” And although this is truth each and every day regardless, right now, that inquiry has a particular tone to it.  A level of uncertainty and weariness.  We can learn to roll with the punches, so to speak; to rise about it all, so to speak; to stay centered and grounded, so to speak.  And yet the unrelenting signature of this inconsistency around us, is to wear us down over time.  In other words:  Its not that easy to escape or remove yourself from this all pervasive incertitude.  

After the state of the union address this week, I noticed a distinct  shift in my personal students.  A new level of “stress” if you will.  That stress originates from the massive disconnect between what was said in that address and what is really going on in our communities and lives right now.  This disconnect feels unprecedented in its enormity. And the disconnect creates an energetic rift in our being.  

Healing this rift, this disconnect, is what is “up” right now. 

Resisting the overwhelming tendency to either run away from it all, hide from it all or be triggered by it all is the first step in this process.  Take a deep breath in and know that you are not alone in this struggle.  It is a personal and collective strain.

We need tools intended to literally clear and work the inner landscape, like meditation (not visualization), tuning forks and Qigong.  

We don’t need “expansion” at the moment because this can be overwhelming and overstimulating to the nervous system and energetic body.  While this acceptable form of escapism might feel good in the short term (depending on your preferences), in the long run, it will contribute to the likelihood of being more triggered and less able to cope.  

The state of the union is chaotic and unpredictable.  Blanketed in deep unknowing and embedded in fear and false pride.  Thats just what is happening.  And we are all truly “in” it.  This lens we are seeing through right now is cloudy and mirky.  Just knowing that, helps to make more informed decisions and to be more centered. 

Take a deep breath in, and blow it away.  (repeat, if necessary)

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Neutrality is key.  How do you maintain a state of equilibrium especially in challenging times?  It is one thing to practice accessing this inner space on your own, and quite another to put this into use through your day, your life, your interactions.

Of course, we all have to start where we are at.  Begin with the breath, begin with finding a quiet place, begin with a class or a book or an app.  Begin by connected to this state of neutrality. What does it feel like to truly be ‘neutral’?  How does your body respond?  Your breath?  Your being?  Is it a familiar comfortable place, or does it put you on edge?  Notice what is here as you practice coming into a state of equanimity.

But remember to include these skills and tools as you move off your cushion into the world.  Asking the same question with the same non-judgmental sense. Pay special attention to your home, and those  closest to you.  While sometimes this may feel the most challenging place to make change, your honest reflection will give you a true sense of the results of your practice.  Without judgement, be willing to see what is here and where you are caught up.

Neutrality is up this month as a theme.  And this week, we look at ourselves, our relationship to our inner life and our interactions with our loved ones.  Starting here, we begin to cast our “neutrality net” in ever widening circles.

Word of the Day:  ataraxianoun.  a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety;tranquillity.

Song of the Day: Equanimity by Ryan Stewart.

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Balance.  How easy it is to forget as we teeter tooter from one thing to another, in reactionary mode to each and every thing that stimulates or triggers us.  It is one thing (and an important thing at that!) to practice balance in meditation, in yoga, on paper, in checkbooks, behind classroom doors, with an expert at the helm.

But can you walk, breathe, live and respond with this same balance in your life and in this world?  Can you cultivate the balance within yourself, your being, your mind and carry that inner balance with you as a lens through which to use discernment as you live your days?  What does it mean to you to truly, truly, live in balance?  in balance with what?

Consider balance today, this week.  Play with it. Get to know it.  Explore it.  Seek it. Question it.   Surrender to it. Pray for it.

If we want to get off this roller coaster of a life and walk together more peacefully, true balance is essential for everyone, for everything, for all of us.

Start by getting curious about the true nature of Balance.

Song of the Day: The Balance of Nature by Dionne Warwick


and this lovely remake:  by Rumer

Friday, Jan 13, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here. Now. 


We are operating at warp speed. Catching up quickly to the lessons we have long been avoiding. The ones hidden in the deep dark shadows and recesses of our psyche and being.  This kind of “catch up” can been be brutal at times.  Can throw you off balance, trigger you, feel like a relentless ‘attack’.

The question is:  how do you respond to pressure?  I don’t mean the kind of pressure when you leave your homework assignment till the night before or don’t study for  a test until the 11th hour.  I mean pure, base, raw, survival pressure.

Collectively, we need a new way, a new strategy, some new options.

Starting with ourselves,cultivate the deepest level of awareness we are capable of in this moment.  And this one.  And this one.  Noticing exactly when we lose or drop this awareness and coming back to it time and time and time again.  This takes training, and diligence.

It’s also time to strategize Together and struggle through differing opinions and viewpoints to see the collective universal wisdom that I know is there, but hasn’t yet been revealed.

We must listen, really listen, and listen more.  Listen without judgement.  Remembering if we truly are to remain “awake and aware” ; If we truly are to move forward with “eyes wide open”;   then we must, MUST, take in ALL information. We can’t pick and choose, because then we don’t have the whole picture.

We’ve run out of time.  In this moment, everyone must rise together.  In this moment, we all must do our work.  In this moment,  we must and can, shift.

Peace All.

Word of the day: pressure

Song of the day: “Way Down We Go”  Kaleo


Monday, August 1, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Week!

Take a careful look at the thoughts circling around your head.  The ones that loop and loop in a seemingly never ending frenzy.  The thoughts that follow you through your day as you wash dishes, make food, go for a walk, sit on the bus.  The thoughts the almost stalk you with their insistence.  Whatever we see in our day, hear in our day, creates thoughts in our mind.  We must be very careful about the thoughts we allow in through the lenses of our senses.

What are these thoughts? Are they of a particular person?  an incident?  a memory?  What emotions do they inflict as they invade your consciousness and sub consciousness?  Do they cause you worry?  anger?  fear?  frustration? judgement? Do they spin out of control?  Do they cause you to loose touch with the present moment?  Your breath?  This here and now?

What disrupts your inner silence?

These are thoughts to look at this week. The “heckler” thoughts, if you will!  The ones that seem to want you to become agitated.  With  50-70,00 thoughts a day, what would happen if you cleared out those obsessive ones? What would you be making room for?  What would come in? More silence?  More space?  More presence?  To clear them out, simply give them a way out. A back door.  As they enter, invite them to leave.

And notice, notice where they are coming from.  Is there a hole, an entry way, that seems to allow these thoughts to multiply and march right in?  Is it Facebook?  The internet?  Is it a particular person or relationship? Is it a conversation you keep having? Is it a group you belong to?  Think carefully about these entry points as you may want to consider closing them or at least putting up a better security system!

This is for YOUR security after all. For your peace of mind.  For you true steady discerment. For your health.  For your sanity.  For your balance.  For your ability to be present with those you love.  For all of this and MORE, consider the role your thoughts play and how they get in in the first place.

Word of the day:  Chitta.  Sanskrit for Mindstuff.  [chitta (Sanskrit: “memory”;) — derived from the root chit, “to be conscious”. Chitta is the Subconscious mind. It is the mind-stuff. It is the store-house of memory. Samskaras or impressions of actions are imbedded here. It is one of the four parts of antahkarana.] from

Yoga happens when there is control of the thoughts or Your yoga practice will become successful when you can master your restless thoughts.

Fri, June 10 – Sun, June 12, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Weekend!

Equanimity brings peace, healing and profound states of awakening.  It allows us the space and ability to not get triggered by our blind spots.

Blind spots are exactly this:  we are truly “blind” to them.  Once you see it, once you know it, you have the ability to shine the light there.  But true blind spots, by their nature, are not seen.  We even may stubbornly refuse to look at them when others point them out.  This is part of the difficulty in a lively debate over ideological issues or belief systems.  The inability to listen and see what another person may be pointing out as a blind spot in our own thinking.  Pay attention to this.

But all of that resolves if we can come into this graceful state of Equanimity.  Equanimity literally translates as  the combination of the Latin words: “aequus” meaning level or equal and “animus” meaning soul or mind. But it is more than just the combination of these words.  It is a blame free, trigger free state of discernment that allows one to see clearly through many layers of mist, fog and confusion.   Hostility, defensiveness and ill will are notably completely absent in this state of Equanimity.

Often we see anger and frustration as natural manifestations of what we call “passion”.  In fact, we almost expect them to give legitmacy to a persons words.  But Equanimity does not need or rely on these exuberant expressions.  It rests in a soulful, mindful place of awareness… what Buddhists call “the middle way”.

In a world, or in a time, when tempers flare, divisions are heightened, and dissatisfaction becomes the norm, it is extremely challenging (and quite unpopular!) to embrace this place of Equanimity.  However, it is in these times when it is needed most.  When the value of the vision created by Equanimity has the most importance and the most to teach us.

Listen. Listen.  and come into Equanmity as best you can .  Especially in a hostile, heated, argumentative debate or situation.  And just notice the affect this has on You and those around you.

Word of the Weekend:  Equanimity

Song of the Weekend: Equanimity by Ryan Stuart (piano composition)


Thursday, Apr 21, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Balance, again.

Look to the light & the shadow holding them both in your balance.  Look to the obvious & the ignored bringing them together in balance.  Look to the seen & unseen and find their balance.  If you look only in one direction to come into your balance, you will not find it.  As you reach a hand out for your teacher, your guru, your helper…. reach another out for your perceived “enemy”.  Between them both, is your balance.

This concept of balance is an evolving one.  The more we understand, the more we see the subtlety and complexity of Balance.

What does balance in your body require?  It require strength and engagement appropriately place combined with softening and releasing also appropriately placed.  You have to know where to place each intention.

You will know you are there (for example) when you can hold Tree Pose for hours on end without wavering, without teetering and with no pain, gripping or cramping.  Until then, you will need to work on your balance in your life and reflected in your body. Until then, you will need to search out actively the subtle (and not so subtle!) places where your balance is off.

This exists on so many levels at once. Each level, a reminder, a mirror held up for you to see.

Look Here!  your body shouts. Look Here!  your emotions beg.  Look Here!  your family gestures. Look Here!  the Earth cries.  Look Here!  the world moans.  There is no lack of reminders or where we, you, need to look.

The question is:  Are you willing to face the mirror and see what is required of you to create and maintain Balance in full acceptance of what it is?

Word of the day:  Balance

Song of the day:  Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne