Saturday, Aug 18th, 2018

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

The Weekend Report.

Your Authentic self shines behind the clouded sky.  A blanket of grey, like a dusty lens, covers the clarity you seek.  Its only a matter of cleaning a small place to see through, a before you can get a glimpse of the work of your soul.  But when we clear off just one small spot in the midst of  a large dusty surface, it can quickly become consumed again.

This weekend, find a moment to cleanse an area of  your awareness.  There are many ways to do this:  meditation, coaching, yoga, QiGong, art.  You might choose where you go and what you do to “clear your mind”.  From that “clear mind” place, pay attention to what you notice.  This is but a partial view what and who you really are.  And an important starting point.

The question is:  will you remember it the next day? And the day after?   or rather:  HOW will you remember it the next day?  And the day after?!

This is a place for you to be creative and playful.  Write it in a journal, compose a song, make a picture, call your best friend, put sticky notes on your computer.  Find something you do every day anyhow, and add a reminder to the activity.  For example:  I light a candle each evening before going to bed. If I put a beautiful note right next to my candle with my insights, I will see and read it every night.  Then remembering becomes part of my evening ritual.

Eventually, you will be ready to clear more of the lens, take a bigger look: see more, be more.    For now, start with a peek, and let it in.

Song of the Day:  Johnny Nash.  I Can See Clearly Now.



Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Clear a pathway, just one pathway, to something, someplace, someone today.  It might be a small corner of your desk so you have a better view through a window, or perhaps raking an area in your backyard, or maybe even just sweeping a hallway in your home?  It could be a phone call or conversation that needs to happen to clear the air. You can even clear a pathway in your mind using your breath. Or in your body, using dance.  Or clear a pathway  in your work, focusing your time and energy on a project.  There are many ways to consider “clearing a pathway”.

Each perception is just a lens that helps us see more clearly. Remember there are always multiple perspectives at play simultaneously.  It can be overwhelming and confusing to try to think of all these perspectives all at once,  but if you pick one lens to see through clearly, all the other implications and areas will be impacted as well.  Its just about getting started and following through with your intention.

Today, look for a pathway to be cleared. A way to get from point A to point B.  And then, with focus and attention, walk mindfully down the path you have created, and see what is there for you.


song of the day:  heavydirtysoul by 21 Pilots

Monday, April 10, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


I ask myself “whats happening today?”  and I open to a blank page, a new document. What needs to be written here, in this emptiness?  Before me stands limitless possibility.  Every option available.  There is potential rising with the sun itself, with each breath.

And the page itself is still blank.  I inhale, exhale and write.  Never knowing what comes next.  Never even trying to imagine it.  I become one with the moment.  Sometimes it is awkward, abrupt, rough.  Other times it is flowing, natural, easy.  I expect nothing, judge nothing, edit nothing.  And then I offer it up.

Through this process I reveal not so much a window into an oracle foretelling the future as the heartbeat of the present moment.  My present moment.  And in reflecting my present moment, I reflect yours.  Not because I know something you don’t, but because I am willing to share my imperfection, my not knowing, my knowing, my perfection. All of it.

This process mirrors life itself.  An honest, vulnerable, fierce, raw, natural, aligned life.

What is here for you today, on this blank page? For me, there is potential.

Song of the Day:   “Kinetic and Potential Energy” by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans from the Singing Science Records.

Friday, Jan 13, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here. Now. 


We are operating at warp speed. Catching up quickly to the lessons we have long been avoiding. The ones hidden in the deep dark shadows and recesses of our psyche and being.  This kind of “catch up” can been be brutal at times.  Can throw you off balance, trigger you, feel like a relentless ‘attack’.

The question is:  how do you respond to pressure?  I don’t mean the kind of pressure when you leave your homework assignment till the night before or don’t study for  a test until the 11th hour.  I mean pure, base, raw, survival pressure.

Collectively, we need a new way, a new strategy, some new options.

Starting with ourselves,cultivate the deepest level of awareness we are capable of in this moment.  And this one.  And this one.  Noticing exactly when we lose or drop this awareness and coming back to it time and time and time again.  This takes training, and diligence.

It’s also time to strategize Together and struggle through differing opinions and viewpoints to see the collective universal wisdom that I know is there, but hasn’t yet been revealed.

We must listen, really listen, and listen more.  Listen without judgement.  Remembering if we truly are to remain “awake and aware” ; If we truly are to move forward with “eyes wide open”;   then we must, MUST, take in ALL information. We can’t pick and choose, because then we don’t have the whole picture.

We’ve run out of time.  In this moment, everyone must rise together.  In this moment, we all must do our work.  In this moment,  we must and can, shift.

Peace All.

Word of the day: pressure

Song of the day: “Way Down We Go”  Kaleo


Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Adjust your Lens.  Remember that everything you look through is affected by the lens you choose.  We are ALWAYS looking through a lens.  Right now, this is reflected everywhere around us in our communities, the world, the news we read.  Lenses can be useful, giving us a platform to stand on and look from.  But if we begin to believe our current lens is the only one, it becomes an impediment to true understanding and positive change.  It becomes our blind spot.

Can you identify your lens and consciously choose another one in order to give you more perspective?   Removing your inherent bias or even what you might consider your “opinion”, for the sake of broader understanding?  This will keep you more adaptable in all situations, less likely to get triggered and more open to new solutions.

In cognitive terms, removing or shifting your lens offers you the opportunity to literally create new pathways in the brain to give you more options.  Its not that your current lens is necessarily “wrong”.  Its not about that at all.  Its simply about awareness …. TRUE awareness.  And connection to others.

So pick something small today, this week.  Notice when you are responding or reacting from a particular “lens”, a well worn familiar path of reaction. And stop.  Take a deep breath. Maybe close your eyes.  And imagine shifting your lens.  See what unfolds instead.

What new directions, what new options, what new opinions are here for you?


Word of the Day:  Lens

Song of the Day:  Jack Garratt “Surprise Yourself”

Monday, May 23, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Unity.  Its one of those topics that comes in and out of focus over and over again.  Its been spiraling around closer and closer to our center for the last few months.  Each time it comes in focus again, steps forward to be looked at anew, a different perspective is gained.

What concept of Unity in your life, your world, your body, your mind… needs to shift and evolve here and now?

This is the question to ask as these repeated themes show up.

The piece of Unity pushing forward at this time is the concept of the integrity of the parts within the creation of the new Whole.  As we come together in Unity, in many different ways with many different opportunities, it is integral that we respect and accept the differences that create each piece of the larger picture.  Unity then, is not about convincing anyone else to share your opinion or see things your way or change themselves in any way….. it is about Radical Acceptance.

With radical acceptance we see our commonalities more clearly than our differences.  With radical acceptance we see from a larger perspective gaining new knowledge.  With Radical Acceptance we come to love ourselves, and others, more .

Radical acceptance is sometimes akin to Faith.  It takes a leap, a breath and a letting go of previously held assumptions.  It is crucial that there are not a list of other “assumptions” waiting on the other side of that breath for you to dive into.  You must dive into the unknown instead.  Here is where a new definition of Unity… and comm-unity… arises.

This week, today, what does Unity have to teach you about yourself, you assumptions, your ego, your pride, your strengths and your radical acceptance?

Word of the Week:  Unity

Song of the Week: Lucky Dube, Different Colors


Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


What a week!  So much happening in quick succession. Literally one thing right after another.  Examine carefully what it is that is “coming” for you.  Whether it is a translation of the larger world around you (holidays, new moon, eclipse, etc) or whether it comes forward in a very personal way (illness, difficulty, surprises, set backs, gifts….) , remember it is ALL  here, now, for a reason.

Depending on the lens you look through, you will see different actors, players and situations unfolding.  But it really is all the same thing, the same energetic. That is why looking at the larger scope (like the new moon eclipse) helps us to gauge and understand what is happening on the micro level.  But this is only a tool.

The work YOU have to do is what is right in front of you now.  What is it that you need to take care of?  now what?  and now what?  Focus close to home. Focus on yourself and your immediate family.

There is an opportunity this week and tonight in particular  to shift and release old baggage permanently.  Heaps of it. Gather as much as you can and let it go!  These special alignments are always timely so remaining aware is key.

What is it that you are working on? What is the “thorn in your side”?  What do you need to do to shift it…. permanently.  Can you align yourself with the larger energetic and use the opportunity for life changing shift?  This is your work today.

Phrase of the day:  Get rid of it!

Song of the day:  Push it by Salt-n-Pepper (somehow, this becomes my theme song as I clear my field pushing out all the garbage…. even though I know the song means something else entirely! 😉



Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016


Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.



Did you see the moon last night?  See its fullness, round and soft edged?  Taste its milkiness as it seeped through the heavy sky?  Smell its freshness , hear its sighs?

Did you dance in the moonlight, under the canopy of clouds, with wisps of pure white light filtering down like tiny spotlights from an unseen spaceship?

Did you dream of lifetimes as old as the moon itself and see into the future through this giant lense opening for you?  Did you feel the cries, the tears shed, the river filling with the rain all under the graceful eye of the Moon?    Did you see at sunrise, the leaves shimmering, the ground seeping, the moon waving her final goodbye.

Did you hear her messages, whispered through darkness in languages before words, into your slumbering restful being?

Close your eyes, listen again, and drink them in.



Song of the Day:  I Have the Moon by Magnetic Fields

Monday, Jan 11th, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.Unknown-1

Today, Pull yourself in, in to your core, in to your essence, in to your most authentic, present, physical self. What might seem like the ‘mundane’;  housework, chores, bills, etc, become an important reminder of a balanced  life.  Essential to your expanded spiritual and formless essence, is the understanding of the physical realities of this place, this life, this world.  Cook, clean, take care of your children and loved ones. There is no need to search any further outside your inner circle, the day to day living,  to find your eternal connection to the Divine.

The “stuff” we have that needs to be cared for, our homes, cars, appliances, electronics, knick knacks, tools, you name it….are not things that get in the way of our spiritual growth but are the very fabric of it. They teach us by their presence, the importance of being IN this world as we are simultaneously expanded and increasingly awake and aware.

Take care of those things today.

And watch your back, literally.  There is a need to pay attention to what is behind you, what you can’t see and to unconscious action around your back.  This could be literally or metaphorical.  Consider the implication of both. Imagine you DO have those eyes on the back of your head today, and keep them wide wide open.


Word(s) of the day:  Present.  Here.  Now.

Song of the day:  I have Arrived. I am Home.  In the Here and in the Now.


Wednesday, December 9th

Today, feel your vulnerability. Sit with it. Share tea.  Laugh with it. Eat cake together.  As we let the vulnerability in, we allow the joy and happiness to blossom.  Being vulnerable, feel your human-ness.  Not weak, not afraid, not oppressed…. just real.  Be vulnerable with your kids, your partner, your self.  Be vulnerable with a family member.

Take a chance on vulnerability today.  Find one place, one way, to honor this sacred state of being.  Consider what being vulnerable might feel like to you.   Notice where you might get stuck in your physical body as you even consider vulnerability and use your hands to run it off you.  Move it gently, but firmly.  Clearing pathways to greater awareness and being.

Yoga of the day:  Bridge Pose;  Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.  By opening the heart and the whole front of the body, we expose ourselves to vulnerability.  Use any props or supports you need to feel comfortable here and hang out for a while!

Inspiration of the day:  Vulnerability. (revisting an old ted talk! )