One Winter Morning

One Winter Morning

Theres a chill in the air today.  The ombre grey skies foretell of it, before you even step outside.  The light, a filtered haziness that comes from nowhere but everywhere at once.  Trees sway.  Body listens.  To invisible sounds on a silent movie screen through wide panes of glass.
I step outside and sniff the air.  Eyes closed,  I smell the familiar.   A sweetness, an odor, that no words can describe, but ushers forth memories of life, childhood, family, dreams, moments.  Specfic moments.  Individual moments.  A breath in time.  How does one breath so efficiently remind you of all that has been and all that is here now?
Weaving together past and present on the waves of a single smell.
I open my eyes, this moment has happened many times before.  I shuffle in Pajamas and an overstuffed puffy coat, shoes barely on my feet, down to the driveway.  Each step is a memory unfolding.  I get something from the car, pick up the paper and look around.  A neighbor is walking two white dogs on a long red leash.  A golden brown leaf drifts downward, in slow motion, through the air.  A single black bird glides from one tree to another.  That smell,  I notice it again.
Its not just winter and fireplaces and smoke in the air and pine needles and dried up leaves.
 Its so much more.
I walk up the stairs back to the house.
And a warmth fills my heart.
A warmth the lives in the simple memories of passing moments.
of taking the time to notice.
to sniff the air.

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Balancing the 5 elements.   The five elements being: aakash (ether/space), vayu (air), tejas/agni (fire), jala (water), and prithvi (earth).  In each moment, in each being, in each conversation, in each decision, in each action, in each place…. all 5 elements are always present.  For true clarity, these 5 elements must be appropriately balanced in each case.

Appropriately balanced does not equate to Equal!  Sometimes more of one and less of another is what is called for to achieve balance.  Perhaps you are lost in thought, dangling in space, dreamy and unable to make a decision?  You are lost in Ether!  You might need the solidity of Earth to bring you into balance for positive forward momentum.  Or maybe you are stuck in rigid thinking, with a linear one track mind and you feel you are banging your head against the wall.  Too much Fire!  Some of that spaciousness might aid you in seeing other perspectives and finding the place of least resistance.  In every case, you are asked to consider all 5 elements as you move through your decisions, your life, your world.

Apply this concept to whatever might need your attention today.  Be it the physical body, a decision needing to be made, your worldview or a relationship.  See what happens and what you learn when you consider the balancing of the 5 elements.  You might want to draw, paint, dance or sing them to get to know them better in the process.  As you come to know each of these elements better, you come to know all the places in yourself better as well.  Bringing awareness in through each of these lenses.


Word of the Day:  panchamahabhutas (5 elements)

Song of the Day:  Earth, Wind & Fire:  Let’s Groove