Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


First day of March.  What will this march bring?  What are we marching towards? away from?  beside?  Are we even aware of this marching? This forward movement? This momentum?  One foot in front of the other?

How do you place each foot as you step through this world, this life, this day, this moment?  Do you place it with love, with gentleness, with ease, with awareness? Do you place it with force, with power, with presence, with focus?

When, Where, How… do you march?  Are you even aware of your footsteps, your personal intimate march?

If I stomp up the stairs to speak to my child or if I tiptoe up the stairs as quietly as a mouse… have I already “spoken” before I even open my mouth?  What did I say? How much am I paying attention?

Each footstep sends a vibration into the earth, felt by all, and especially by those closest to us.  Each moment we walk, we are dancing in awareness of our impact on this world.  The Dance of life is not confined to a stage, or show, or performance.  It exists in each moment. And most importantly in all the in-between moments.

Today, watch your step.

word of the day:  march

Mantra of the day:  Om-Ah-Hum.  Clearing the Body, Speech and Mind.


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