Monday, Jan 23, 2017

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Can you embrace it all?  The love, the pain, the inspiration, the discouragement, the wholeness, the divisions? Can you hold it all in your being?  Can you feel the realness of it all?

This is the lesson of the yin & yang, the shadow & light,  above & below, and all the other representations of this energetic.  For eternity we have known, have seen, have categorized, have explained, have created entire myths and cultures around this knowledge.  Have we forgotten?  Have we forgotten that unity is the only way we can co-exist?  Not just with each other, but with this planet as well?  Have we forgotten that Unity means true, radical, Inclusion?  Absent of blame, shame, righteousness or hierarchical beliefs for others?

As we become more & more inspired, can we continue to move forward with the lessons from all history about the nature of balance and the requirement to be inclusive in mind? Can we look at the places where we unconsciously (or not) judge and shine the light THERE?  Can we do this without saying “yeah, but YOU do it first”  or “Yeah!  I’m doing it so you better do it too!”  Can we allow our own journey to guide us in the right direction by allowing ourselves to feel “unhinged”so the hooks and triggers can be released?

Can we guide and support each other through these individual and collective journeys, finding what we each need to move forward?

This is the face of radical acceptance or radical inclusion and nothing less is going to get us out of this mess.

We all must be willing to have some belief we cling to be shattered.

Song of the Day:


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