Wednesday, Jan 4, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Remember who you are.  Who YOU are.  Who you are here & now.  Who you are in the present tense, the present moment.  This WHO, this YOU, is exactly what is needed right now.  In this re-membering, look our for where you are stuck, lost, confused.  Look out for those blind spots.  Sometimes it helps to look around you, to ask a trusted friend, a partner, a family member… to help you see yourself more clearly. Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror, close the door behind you, and just stare and wait.

It is of utmost importance right now that we all be honest about where and how we best serve this world, this time, this community, this self.  It is too too easy in this space to compare ourselves to others, to think we need to be doing something different.  Look again, think again, clear again and find what is here, now.

To do this you must be willing to put aside what you might have thought of as your dreams, ambitions, plans, intentions, particularly if they always seem to involve some erroneous “future” (5 years from now I will be…?  10 years?  15?).  Put aside what you think you are working “towards” and instead focus on what is here, what has ALWAYS been here, for you, now.

In this investigation you may find many blocks, constrictions.  They may surface as stubbornness, passion, anxiety, wishful thinking, vision. Can you see them ALL as blocks? As interferences with the truth of this moment?  As clouding your ability to discern?  Or are you attached to some of these?

Heres your work then.  Laid out for you.  One by one, let them go. Imagine them perhaps, as leaves on a tree, and as they drop what are you left with?

The bare trunk that is YOU.  This is the gift of Winter.  This the gift of Now.

Question of the Day:  Who are you?

Song of the Day:  The Who. Who are you?  (ok, I really couldn’t resist that one 🙂


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