Friday, October 28th, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today! This Weekend!

Imagine This:

For a moment, or moments, there is silence.

Not just any silence.  But a deepening, purveying, intentionally held Silence.

That in this Silence, all beings everywhere, the 2 legged, the 4 legged, the winged ones….  Listen.  Listen deeply. Listen TOGETHER.

That in that deep Listening to silence comes a great understanding. Beyond words.  Beyond intellect.  Beyond thought.

That in this Understanding, comes tremendous Unity. Beyond differences.  Beyond politics.  Beyond opinions.

That in this Unity, comes healing.  Through time. Through ages.  Through Space.

That in this Healing comes consciousness.

That in this Consciousness comes action.

That in this Action comes a new paradigm.

That in this New Paradigm comes Heaven on Earth.

It starts with aligning in Silence.



Word of the Day:  Silence

Song of the Day: Susanna and The Magical Orchestra – Enjoy The Silence (cover)


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