Wednesday,October 12, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now!


Take a much needed respite, some quiet time, a break from something that is potentially overwhelming you or interfering with your ability to practice discernment.  Maybe its the news?  Maybe the internet?  Maybe work?  Maybe chores?  Allow youself the space to relax… and relax some more. Without guilt.  Without tension.  Without fear of “missing” something.

Know that this clear space you are cultivating is what you need to see yourself through the next hump, phase, movement in your life.  As we become inundated with information in our “fast food” style information age, our head space can become muddled, confused, cluttered.  Or we can sometimes cling to old beliefs as a way of NOT becoming muddled, confused, cluttered.

Most of the time, the reality is that every situation is exquisitely complex. In this complexity lies deep deep understanding and acceptance.  In this understanding lies incredible awareness.  The “solutions” aren’t always so easy to pick and choose (as we may like to think!!!).

But they are there.  In the quiet of your mind.  Hiding in the folds or your awareness.  Waiting, just waiting, for a simple clear moment to speak to you.  Listen. Listen deeply.  Take all the time you need.  It may be minutes, hours, days or longer.  keep listening.  keep letting go.  And watch the clarity return.

Word of the Day:  Time Out/In

Song of the Day:  “Just Let Go” by Sturgill Simpson


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