Friday, September 30, 2016


Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today. This Week-end.

Move into the darkness, with grace, ease and stability. Find the pathway through this dark place, eyes wide open, allowing in more and more light.  As you adjust to the darkness, you see more clearly what is around you.  What once lurked in the shadows, mysterious and unknown, now takes on a form, gentle, fuzzy-edged, soft.

Breathe in.  Exhale deeply.  Let go of the fear.  There is nothing scary here.  Only things hidden, half-seen, half-known.  To shift the fear of this “unknown”, invite it, them, into the light with you to get a closer look.  Here, you will find the forgotten ones. They are lonely, scared, unaccustomed to being noticed.  With love, tenderness, gentleness, you can bring them out of hiding and help to integrate them.

This is no small task. But it starts seemingly small. With you. With one thing.  With one place you still keep in darkness. Each time you are willing to look and see what has been forgotten, remember the breath.  Bringing life, your life, into all these places.

Becoming whole, we create union, connection. Through this connection…this wholeness… we heal. First ourselves and then, because of our connection, the world.  But it must start here. With you. In the dark.  In the tunnel.  In the shadows.  In this personal, intimate space.  This is how we evolve the whole world.

Today, start with you. Start with one thing.  And then another.  and another.  and another.  One step in the dark at a time. And bear witness as the world changes.


Word of the Day:  Shadow

Song of the Day: Light Em Up by Fallout Boy


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