Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Adjust your Lens.  Remember that everything you look through is affected by the lens you choose.  We are ALWAYS looking through a lens.  Right now, this is reflected everywhere around us in our communities, the world, the news we read.  Lenses can be useful, giving us a platform to stand on and look from.  But if we begin to believe our current lens is the only one, it becomes an impediment to true understanding and positive change.  It becomes our blind spot.

Can you identify your lens and consciously choose another one in order to give you more perspective?   Removing your inherent bias or even what you might consider your “opinion”, for the sake of broader understanding?  This will keep you more adaptable in all situations, less likely to get triggered and more open to new solutions.

In cognitive terms, removing or shifting your lens offers you the opportunity to literally create new pathways in the brain to give you more options.  Its not that your current lens is necessarily “wrong”.  Its not about that at all.  Its simply about awareness …. TRUE awareness.  And connection to others.

So pick something small today, this week.  Notice when you are responding or reacting from a particular “lens”, a well worn familiar path of reaction. And stop.  Take a deep breath. Maybe close your eyes.  And imagine shifting your lens.  See what unfolds instead.

What new directions, what new options, what new opinions are here for you?


Word of the Day:  Lens

Song of the Day:  Jack Garratt “Surprise Yourself”


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