Friday, Sept 9, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Weekend!

Find your Ease.  Amidst the newness of things.  Amidst the business of life.  Amidst the excitement of the week.  Amidst the high or low energy.  Find the place of ease.  Your ease.  This ease.  Find it in your breath. In your walk.  Find it in your gaze and in your voice.  Find the ease in your sleep and in your driving.  Find the ease in your passion and in your laziness.  Find the ease in your cooking and cleaning. Find it in everything you do, everywhere you are.

This ease is always present.  Always beckoning you to remember, to reconnect. Notice when you loose your connection to your ease=ful way.  Knowing, it is still there, you have just misplaced it!

With a breath, with an action, with a gesture, with a word, with a memory, with a knowing…. get it back.  Back into you.

Word of the Weekend: Ease

Song of the Weekend: Ease on Down the Road!


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