Tuesday, Sept 6, 2016



Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Week!


Its the end of the Summer for many of us this week. What does the Summer represent to you?  to your family?  A time of vacation?  relaxation?  time “off”?  shifting schedules?  more “play” and fun?  or something else?

As we move from Summer mode and transition back to our “academic year” mode, what is it that you would like to integrate from the lessons of this summer back into your regular schedule?  What tidbits of information and understanding did you gain over the last 3 months?  Consider these today and this week and you step back into your well worn groove. Bringing a bit more ease, clarity,  understanding into these very familiar places and patterns. Keep it light!

What pieces of your summer vibe would you like to maintain throughout your year starting NOW?  Breathe into them and integrate  and  FLY forward.

Word of the Week:  integrate

Song of the Week:  Come Fly with Me by Frank Sinatra


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