Monday, August 1, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Week!

Take a careful look at the thoughts circling around your head.  The ones that loop and loop in a seemingly never ending frenzy.  The thoughts that follow you through your day as you wash dishes, make food, go for a walk, sit on the bus.  The thoughts the almost stalk you with their insistence.  Whatever we see in our day, hear in our day, creates thoughts in our mind.  We must be very careful about the thoughts we allow in through the lenses of our senses.

What are these thoughts? Are they of a particular person?  an incident?  a memory?  What emotions do they inflict as they invade your consciousness and sub consciousness?  Do they cause you worry?  anger?  fear?  frustration? judgement? Do they spin out of control?  Do they cause you to loose touch with the present moment?  Your breath?  This here and now?

What disrupts your inner silence?

These are thoughts to look at this week. The “heckler” thoughts, if you will!  The ones that seem to want you to become agitated.  With  50-70,00 thoughts a day, what would happen if you cleared out those obsessive ones? What would you be making room for?  What would come in? More silence?  More space?  More presence?  To clear them out, simply give them a way out. A back door.  As they enter, invite them to leave.

And notice, notice where they are coming from.  Is there a hole, an entry way, that seems to allow these thoughts to multiply and march right in?  Is it Facebook?  The internet?  Is it a particular person or relationship? Is it a conversation you keep having? Is it a group you belong to?  Think carefully about these entry points as you may want to consider closing them or at least putting up a better security system!

This is for YOUR security after all. For your peace of mind.  For you true steady discerment. For your health.  For your sanity.  For your balance.  For your ability to be present with those you love.  For all of this and MORE, consider the role your thoughts play and how they get in in the first place.

Word of the day:  Chitta.  Sanskrit for Mindstuff.  [chitta (Sanskrit: “memory”;) — derived from the root chit, “to be conscious”. Chitta is the Subconscious mind. It is the mind-stuff. It is the store-house of memory. Samskaras or impressions of actions are imbedded here. It is one of the four parts of antahkarana.] from

Yoga happens when there is control of the thoughts or Your yoga practice will become successful when you can master your restless thoughts.

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