Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.




(Some inspiration from my Art Studio and my Morning Painting Practice):


In my little paintings, these miniature explorations, I look to the sky for information. I look to the light for inspiration.  Right now.  And Now.  And NOW.  Each moment, a moment to capture.  Each Moment, a moment to understand.  What does this moment have to teach me?   And this one?  And this one?  And this one?
I breathe in the light , the color, the shapes, the weight, the conversation, the relationship. The relationship between sky and earth. Between above and below.  Between words spoken and those left unsaid.  Between good and bad.  Between right and wrong.  Between you and me.  There is always a balance.  Always a meeting.  Always a point at which these relationships connect and create a unifying whole… even in their seeming imbalance and division.
These relationships cause me deep  reflection. They are my tool, my insight, my metaphor for living in this world.  The deeper I go in, the farther I go out.  Each one developing its character fully before it whispers to me “let go”.  In that moment of letting go, I know I have captured something worth remembering. It might not be at all about the “art” of it.  It is simply a recording of an insight gained, a lesson learned, an understanding reached.
 In a language older than our spoken or written word, I look for meaning.   Yes, meaning to this life, this world, this being. Through this process, I find hope.  Through this Hope, I take my next step forward.  I make my next mark.
 Look outside, right now.  At the sky, at the light, at the relationships revealing themselves around you.  What lessons are here for you in this moment? Breathe them in and move ahead.
Word of the Day:  Relationships

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