Monday, July 25th, 2016.

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Week.

Its time for a transformation.  Of thought.  Of Being.  To take an old habit, well worn concept or previously held belief and push it through the process of transmutation.  In this process, where there was constriction and tight holding you will reveal Space. In that space, is the opportunity to change, shift or clear your perspective.  It may be a big shift, it may be infinitely subtle.

A shift in ones belief is tough.  We can convince our mind that we have accomplished this through careful consideration. But actually, that AHA ! moment must be present for something to have really gotten “in”.  A moment where, in a breath, you realize you may have been misguided, mis led or just plain wrong about something. What is there for you in that moment of realization?  Fear?  Sadness?  Guilt?  Worry?  With a deep breath, and deep understanding, let it go.

Is there anything harder that admitting to the realization that a long held belief is actually not true? Or at least no longer true?  If we all can take a look at this particular concept this week and begin our individual journeys towards admitting past mistakes with grace, ease, compassion and self forgiveness, then we collectively help to open the doorway for new ideas to finally… finally… take root and grow.

This week, consider your personal reconciliations.

Word  of the Day:  Transformation

Song of the Day:  The Trees by Rush



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