Monday July 18, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Week!

Find your song of Forgiveness.  Sing it loud and clear.  Sing it soft and intimate.  Sing it alone.  Sing it in public.  Sing it while driving in your car.

What is this song of Forgiveness?  To hear it, you must listen deeply.  Listen to the cries within.  Listen to the cries without.  Listen to your heartbeat and your blood.  Listen to the stories of your family, its past, its present.  Listen to the wind and the trees.

As you listen, you must surrender to what you hear.  Be willing to open a channel for this song of forgiveness to enter.  A clear channel.  This forgiveness is for you, about you, from you.  This forgiveness is for all the roles you have played in both being betrayed and being the betrayer.  It is for you as the witness who didn’t speak. For you as the silent accomplice.  For you as the victim.  For you as the perpetrator.  For you in all the possible roles, variations and situations that have arisen in this life and in past lives.  From the smallest seemingly insignificant to the most painfully obvious.

Now, you must sing. Sing your song of Forgiveness. This song for you, from you.  You must repeat it like a mantra in your mind and using your voice until there is no longer any reside left.  The forgiveness has washed you completely clean.  Completely.  For this you need to be honest.  And in that honesty, through that forgiveness, you will find a new Freedom.  And in that new freedom, the many lives you have touched throughout your own life, will have the opportunity to do the same.  To forgive, clear and cleanse.

This is how we change the world.  One song at a time.


Song of the Week:  YOUR SONG!

and here is one from Dylan for inspiration. Chimes of Freedom.



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