Monday, June 20th, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Start with Today.  The Full Moon and The Summer Solstice.  Two powerful alignments coinciding.  The Full Moon at its peak this morning and The Solstice transition moment this evening approximately 11 hours apart.  What then, does this day bring?

An opening, an opportunity.  In the light of the full moon what is hidden is revealed.  The light in the darkness.  It is a good time to look in those places that represent your darkness.  Know that the light is full today. In its fullness, everything is revealed. Everything.  Are you willing to see it All?

The whole day offers you this opportunity.  Take it in. Soak it up.  Be outside and stand in the Sun.  Warm yourself.  Fill yourself.  Fill some more.

Then at the moment of the Solstice this evening, the longest light of the year, gather it all in… All of it and find the Unity within YOU.  As you find the unity within, plant its seeds with your breath so that this unity may grow and spread.  In that moment of the shift from light to dark that the Solstice represents, a pivotal turn is being  made.  Now is the time to “let it go”  with a long deep exhale.  Feel yourself washed clean, after being bathed in the long light of the day.

Align yourself with this moment in time and space and receive its benefits and gifts.

Then sleep well this evening. Dream deeply.  Breathe softly.  Rest.  Rest. Rest.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Word of the day:  Solstice/Full Moon

Song of the day: Katrina & the Waves “Walking on Sunshine”  😉



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