Monday, June 13, 2016.

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.

This Week.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is powerful.  Prayer is serious.  Prayer is directed.  Prayer is whole hearted.  Prayer is Action.  Prayer is work.  Prayer is real.

When I “let go” and ask for divine guidance in prayer work, I am directed.  I am directed to do something, to take some form of action.  Many times, that action remains in the “invisible work”….. I light a fire, recite mantras, sing,  dance.  There is a lot happening in those private moments of prayer and action.  What I do is directed and specific.  It is in alignment with who I am and what is needed from ME in that moment.

“Letting go to God” gives me the space to see this clearly.  It doesnt mean I give up, or have no need to be involved.

Prayer, my prayers, show me very clearly the most efficient use of my being in the moment.  Sometimes that is also a direction to take physical action in the “real” world. Sometimes it is intimate…. reaching out to one person I know and asking them what they need.  All of it, ALL of it, is the result of Prayer.  Without prayer, I would be following one suggestion to another, bouncing around (since they all sound good!) and not really understanding MY role, MY place, MY contribution.

Prayer changes all of this.  Brings the communal down to the personal level.  Brings light to every, EVERY, situation.  If you listen as you pray, you know exactly what to do … exactly what to do.

Never underestimate the value of True Prayer.  Your true Prayer.

This week, Pray… and listen.  Listen deeply.  And be willing to hear the reply that is there for YOU.

Word of the week:  Prayer

Song od the week:  An American Prayer by U2 & Beyonce


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