Tuesday, May 7, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Sometimes you just need to Dance.  Move into that formless state of energy.  Listening deeply to your bodies needs.  You really don’t even need music for this kind of movement.

It is meditation, yoga, transformation, prayer, sweat, tears, rhythm, cleansing, grounding, freeing, filling.  It is a place where thoughts don’t interfere with your connection to the Divine, your connection to your Soul.  It is a place where no ones opinion matters. Where there are no politics or politically correct.  Where there is no judgement, fear, expectation, copying, teaching or need to prove anything.

You can do this by yourself ANYTIME.  Just keep letting go into your body and move it!

Dance until you sweat, until you feel your muscles, until your breath is deep and fuller than you ever imagined.

Today (or tomorrow 😉  Just Dance.

Word of the Day:  Dance

Song of the Day:  The Politics of Dancing by Re-Flex


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