Monday, June 6th, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

This Week!

Clearing. What does it mean to really clear something?  How do we know we have cleared it?  What does clearing feel like, smell like, taste like?  This week, maybe even this Summer, Clearing is front and center.

Clearing is creating space.  Moving residue, impediments, blockages, from our body, mind, soul, aura, energy field.  Clearing is letting go of old patterns and making the room for new pathways.  Clearing is no longer being tied to unconscious habits that move us through our world and lives re-creating scenes from our past (this life and others).  Clearing is freedom.  Clearing is presence.  Clearing is being totally grounded.  Clearing is growth.  Clearing is expansion.  If you expand without clearing… guess what?  Your debris just gets bigger.  oops!

No amount of “lalalalalalalala”, fingers inserted in ears, will make the debris go away.  You have to do the work of clearing.  The work of Clearing is honest, sometimes difficult, confusing, often tedious, painful and challenging.  The work of Clearing often requires help because your brain will convince you in any way possible that indeed, you have Cleared!  Even when you haven’t.  Because the depth of the work of clearing is intense. But the rewards of the work of Clearing are truly truly mind blowing, life altering and yes, World Changing.

I don’t mean to paint a negative picture of Clearing.

Sometimes it is quick.  Sometimes it feels effortless.  With a breath, you really DO let it go.

This week, just allow yourself the space to really look at the concept, your concept, of clearing.  With curiosity and tenderness asking yourself honestly what you have cleared and what needs to be cleared. See what comes up.  And be willing to ask the same questions again and again of the same issues.

Something you think you cleared, may not really be cleared after all.  Or perhaps NOW you have the lifeforce and perspective to clear it a little more.  You can only do what you are capable of  here and now.  Accept this.

Then take a really deep breath, and let it go.

Word of the Day:  Clear

Song of the Day: Clear Skies by the Strokes



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