Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Summer Lovin!

Its time to breathe into a new routine, schedule, vibe or plan.  Summer is almost here and with it comes a shift in not only weather but work, play & school.  Take some time this week to pause and reflect on creating your personal summer vibe.  Don’t think of it so much as goals, or a giant “to do” or even “to be” list.

Let it softly take shape.  Let is simmer in the undercurrents of your imagination.  Let it surface unexpectedly.  Let it ride you gently through the ocean waves.  Be its Witness.

See what calls you:  More structure?  Less Structure?  What kind of approach do you want to use as you envision your Summer ?  Remember, most of it will unfold exactly as un-planned so be careful not to get too attached to any outcomes you might set up.  The delicate balance of visioning comes in the ability to dream, imagine and be creative while at the same time not to be overly concerned or dependent on results.

Find a way to honor this process.  It can be with a group, on your own, with your family.  It can be really wonderfully simple (a thought while watching the sunrise) or deliciously complex (an elaborate ritual organized by others).

What serves you here and now?

This is always the question we ask ourselves, no matter what we are examining.  The crux of which is always about non-attachment and the willingness to try something different when it is appropriate.

Dive in and have fun dreaming about the Summer this week!

Word of the day:  Dream

Song of the day:  Summer Nights


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