Monday, May 23, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Unity.  Its one of those topics that comes in and out of focus over and over again.  Its been spiraling around closer and closer to our center for the last few months.  Each time it comes in focus again, steps forward to be looked at anew, a different perspective is gained.

What concept of Unity in your life, your world, your body, your mind… needs to shift and evolve here and now?

This is the question to ask as these repeated themes show up.

The piece of Unity pushing forward at this time is the concept of the integrity of the parts within the creation of the new Whole.  As we come together in Unity, in many different ways with many different opportunities, it is integral that we respect and accept the differences that create each piece of the larger picture.  Unity then, is not about convincing anyone else to share your opinion or see things your way or change themselves in any way….. it is about Radical Acceptance.

With radical acceptance we see our commonalities more clearly than our differences.  With radical acceptance we see from a larger perspective gaining new knowledge.  With Radical Acceptance we come to love ourselves, and others, more .

Radical acceptance is sometimes akin to Faith.  It takes a leap, a breath and a letting go of previously held assumptions.  It is crucial that there are not a list of other “assumptions” waiting on the other side of that breath for you to dive into.  You must dive into the unknown instead.  Here is where a new definition of Unity… and comm-unity… arises.

This week, today, what does Unity have to teach you about yourself, you assumptions, your ego, your pride, your strengths and your radical acceptance?

Word of the Week:  Unity

Song of the Week: Lucky Dube, Different Colors



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