Monday, May 16, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.

This Week!

WE are all one.  We ARE all one.  We are ALL one.

Descendent from the same peoples.  Connected by blood, breath, life force.  Connected by ancestry, geography, energy.  We breathe the same air.  The same blood pumps through our veins, brings life to the same heart.  We are all brothers and sisters, in the most literal way you can imagine.

These divisions we created.  WE created. When did we start creating them?  How?  At what point did we start splitting hairs?  Those people who you call “your tribe” in its modern usage…. yes, they ARE your brothers and sisters.  Those people who you call the “enemy”…. yes, they ARE your brothers and sisters too.  Those you call “foolish”  “evil”  “uneducated”  “vampiric”  “power hungry”  remember they TOO are your brothers and sisters.  As connected as we are, this means that these qualities live in us as well.  Perhaps on the most subtle of levels.

Focus here, now, on coming together as the One that we already are.

Focus here, now, on letting go of the need for divisions and separations through categories and name calling.

Focus here, now, on our Unity, our Commonality.

We have to start over.  Start again with this….. what brings us together in mutual desire for the betterment of ALL.  Focus only, only, here.  There will be time to work through differences, to bring understanding and light to those places, but without a foundation of Com-Unity, common unity, the work will have no base and will continue to collapse cycle after cycle.

With courage and understanding, reach for a hand that seems so unlike yours, so opposite of what you believe, and start there.  This is the first step for Humanity.

Word of the Week:  Common Unity

Song of the Week:  Come Together by the Beatles


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