Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Move beyond the hovering cloud layer, the grey, the rain, the dense heavy sky.  Higher, higher still, above the clouds, find the Sun. Its Radiance and brilliance continue to shine.  Right now, it is not absent, only hiding.

Why?  What is clouding your mood, your health, your vision, your path forward?  What can’t you move or see beyond?  Is there something to be released?  Something to be shifted?  Something to be cleared?

Imagine yourself rising up beyond the clouds through to the sun on the other side.  Ask yourself:  What do I see, what do I know, from THIS place?  What looks different from up here?

Then take a deep breath in… and really really REALLY blow it away.

Bringing the light, or the path to it, back into clear focus.


Word of the Day:  Release

Song of the DaySunshine by Matisyahu


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