Monday, May 9, 2016



Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


The medicine of the water snake.  From which we Evolved.  With shear determination and essential vital life force.  Moving, gliding, willing ourselves from the watery world to the the land.  Rippling, undulating muscles pushing us forward .  And with that strength and power  also comes subtlety and softness.  The ability to stay perfectly still when appropriate.  Size and fierceness not as much of an issue as stealth and focus.

Take a deep breath in, and let it go.

The medicine of the water snake. Transmutation, transformation.  Indeed, Medicine, itself.  In pairs, with partners, not alone.  Remember this. Glide effortlessly from one situation to the next.  Be at ease in the water or on land.  Allow suppleness to return to your being.  These are the gifts to transform the world right now.

They are gifts of balance.  Balancing the light and dark.  Gifts of non judgment.  Gifts of Ease.  Gifts of Grace.  Gives of non-duality.  Gifts of Transformation.

Shed old patterns of re-action.  Step into the fluid world of the Water Snake to find your , our, next step.

Word of the Day:  Undulate

Song of the Day:  Al Wison — The Snake


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