Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Be honest with yourself.  Lay bare your truths to yourself.  Your soul requires this intimate unabridged truth here and now.  In the rawness of this kind of honesty, practice patience, practice love, practice acceptance, practice understanding, practice forgiveness.   This is between you and yourself,  you and the universe,  you and the Divine.  What do you have to confess to your self?  What truth might you be avoiding?  Breathe in a big hug and let it go. Knowing you are whole, you are complete, your are perfect as you are.

We are only human, here and now.  Being born into this human body, this human place.  And our human body has limits.  Honor this, respect this, love this.

Dream big.  Live fully.  And remember your humanness, always.   It will help keep you honest, humble and fully present in this moment.


word of the day: Humanity

Song of the day:  Human by Human League



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