Thursday, Apr 21, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Balance, again.

Look to the light & the shadow holding them both in your balance.  Look to the obvious & the ignored bringing them together in balance.  Look to the seen & unseen and find their balance.  If you look only in one direction to come into your balance, you will not find it.  As you reach a hand out for your teacher, your guru, your helper…. reach another out for your perceived “enemy”.  Between them both, is your balance.

This concept of balance is an evolving one.  The more we understand, the more we see the subtlety and complexity of Balance.

What does balance in your body require?  It require strength and engagement appropriately place combined with softening and releasing also appropriately placed.  You have to know where to place each intention.

You will know you are there (for example) when you can hold Tree Pose for hours on end without wavering, without teetering and with no pain, gripping or cramping.  Until then, you will need to work on your balance in your life and reflected in your body. Until then, you will need to search out actively the subtle (and not so subtle!) places where your balance is off.

This exists on so many levels at once. Each level, a reminder, a mirror held up for you to see.

Look Here!  your body shouts. Look Here!  your emotions beg.  Look Here!  your family gestures. Look Here!  the Earth cries.  Look Here!  the world moans.  There is no lack of reminders or where we, you, need to look.

The question is:  Are you willing to face the mirror and see what is required of you to create and maintain Balance in full acceptance of what it is?

Word of the day:  Balance

Song of the day:  Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne



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