Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Accept.  Accept the gifts that are coming & have come for you.  The ones custom designed for your being.

First, you must recognize them.

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, packaging and  delivery.  Some are for you and some aren’t.  Some gifts come for others through you.  And some come for you through others.  While select ones come direct, special delivery.  These often require your signature because they are uniquely tailored for you at this time.

Learning to discern between the many gifts out there and the ones that are for you is a skill born from deep self knowing.  Deep self knowing comes from a willingness to Love yourself completely no matter what.  This awareness requires radical acceptance.  The gifts that come for us affirm who we are and help us to evolve into full expressions of ourselves.

With each gift we receive we are gifted the truth of understanding.

Can you accept the gifts that are for you without being distracted by the ones that are for others?  Knowing that your gifts, no matter how big or small, are absolutely perfect…. for YOU.

Breathe into this knowing.


Word of the day:  Gifts

Song of the day:  The Gift by Annie Lennox



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