Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Savor this Moment: Its sweetness. Its bitterness.  Whatever the flavor may be.

Savor this Breath.: Its smooth intake.  Its strong release.  Whatever quality it may have.

Savor this Day: Its  explosive sunrise.  Its clear skies.  Whatever it may unfold.

Savor this Life: Its searching beginnings.  Its awakening progression.  Wherever it leads.

Savor Your Self:  Your imperfections and beauty.  Your challenges and successes.  All of you. All of it.  Right here, right now.

Just Savor this.



Word of the Day: Savor.   (from Old French savorer “taste, breathe in; appreciate, care for,” from Late Latin saporare, from Latin sapor.)

Song of the Day:  Savor by Santana


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