Thursday, Apr 7, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Rest.  Pause. Take more space between things.  Catch an extra breath.  Close you eyes and relax.  Soften your body.  Relax your jaw.  Let your eyelids get heavy.  Conserve your precious energy.  Pull it in and hold it close.

Solidly ground yourself as you rest.  Hold yourself in your own loving arms.  Cradle yourself. Nurture yourself. Fill…. and Fill some more.  Keep taking it easy. Today, tomorrow.  Don’t make anything more difficult than it needs to be.  Chill out.  Slow down.  Take a load off.  Make nothing you do feel rushed.  Act like you have all the time in the world.  Watch your breath.  Slow it down too.

And rest.  to reset.

Word of the day:  Rest!

Song of the day:  Watermark by Enya


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