Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Fragments.  Moments.  Glimpses.  Nothing ever is really complete.  Everything is a series of fragments strung together. Nothing is ever really perfect.  Just a series of imperfect moments connected through time.  We never really see the whole picture.  Only glimpses of what is possible and the rest our imagination fills in.

Today, enjoy these fragments, these moments, these glimpses for exactly what they are.  Some wonderful.  Some challenging.  Each one revealing its truth candidly.  The overall impression we walk away with is one we choose.  How do we connect the moments?  What lense do we put on our day (good, bad, rushed, lazy…)?

But in each moment we have the opportunity to practice acceptance and deep deep deep love.  Real love.  And in this love, each and every moment becomes just as beautiful as the one before as judgement drops away in place of understanding.


Word of the day:  Fragment

Song of the day:  Always and Forever by Heatwave (couldn’t resist this one today!)


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