Friday, Mar 18 – Sunday, Mar 20


Ostara winter

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now

This Weekend!

A big weekend is upon is, filled with rituals,holidays and celebrations.  This coming of the Spring, the Equinox,  represents a shift on a planetary level, from one season to the next.  It also marks many other shifts historically and religiously.  Rebirth, celebrating the NEW and hope are all themes that weave their way through this various perspectives.  It is always helpul to pay close attention in these moments of connected transition; These intersections through beliefs and time.

At this particular point in time, we are being asked to be aware of any “leaks” of our energy, our life force, as we move through this weekend.  Notice places where you might be getting drained or where a parasitic or vampiric impact is felt. This could be on many levels including the physical, emotional, spiritual or energetic.

You may notice it right away.  Or you may have to take the time to carelly scan your being from head to toe.  Try scanning on multiple levels.  Try scanning the physical body noting sensations of gripping, pain or numbness. Scan the subtle body, looking for fluctuations. Scan the energetic body, looking for holes in your field no matter how small.

In all cases, reinforce your perimeter, your immune system, your boundaries and FILL yourself to fix theses leaks.  It is important that you remain Whole and Filled this weekend. Feeling the full capacity of your energy in your body.

And watch out for those unseen draining forces around you!  You may want to distance yourself from them a bit for now.

Word of the Weekend:  FILL.

Song of the Weekend:  Everyday.  Cover by Fiona Apple


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