Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.


Jumpstart your Spring Cleaning with a bound today! There is a joyfulness  around all activity today and especially those that include productive work.  The things “to do” during your day (cleaning, work, emails, phone calls)  that usually feel like a time drain or you just don’t have the energy for, seem to happen with greater ease.  Use this!

Its a powerful opportunity to move through some of the daily sludge with a lightness that is rarely present. Turn on some music, dance while you work, shake your booty, or just open the windows and listen to the birds instead.  Use this as a day to get stuff done and have it be Fun!

Word of the day:  Accomplish

Song of the day:  Spring Cleaning by Fats Waller  (you might try cleaning to this song today!!!)


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