Thursday, Mar 10, 2016.



Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Free your feet from their bondage and explore the world barefoot today. For at least a little while.  Find some sand, mud, dirt, water.  Allow your feet the freedom to dive in and play.  Find a creek, a lake, a shore. Walk carefully over rocks and pebbles, walk playfully in the mud,  walk mindfully on a forrest floor.  Draw with your toes, sculpt with your  heels, drum with the balls of your feet.  Find ways to use your feet, to connect to them, to celebrate with them.

Then soak and love and wash and scrub them.  Massage them and elevate them.

Through this work today you awaken, clear, ground and celebrate the part of you that represents your physical connection to this Earth.

Yoga of the Day:  Viparita Karani, Legs up the Wall

Song of the Day:   Mississippi Mud .  Dean Martin.


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