Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Heal from within.  Take the time today to connect to your innate healing wisdom.  Healing, in all its forms, is “up”.  Look at the gross as well as the subtle.  Look at the Macro and the Micro.  On what level is healing being asked of you today in your life?

Begin with what is most obvious, what is right in front of you.  Always start here.  Then move into greater awareness and levels of subtlety.  With your breath, send awakened healing to those places.

Or perhaps ask those places what it is they need.  Quieting the mind first , through meditation, yoga, walking, rest….. come to tahat still point ash ask yourself “what do I need for healing right here, right now”?  Be as specific as you can if there is something, someplace you are focusing your healing on.  And then, just listen.  The key to your own inner healing is truly in the listening.

Listen.  Listen some more.  Have patience, remove judgement, and keep listening.

You may be surprised at what you hear.  Then honor this voice with acknowledgement, gratitude and action.


Word of the day:  Listen

Song of the day:  Lakota Healing Song

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