Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


What a week!  So much happening in quick succession. Literally one thing right after another.  Examine carefully what it is that is “coming” for you.  Whether it is a translation of the larger world around you (holidays, new moon, eclipse, etc) or whether it comes forward in a very personal way (illness, difficulty, surprises, set backs, gifts….) , remember it is ALL  here, now, for a reason.

Depending on the lens you look through, you will see different actors, players and situations unfolding.  But it really is all the same thing, the same energetic. That is why looking at the larger scope (like the new moon eclipse) helps us to gauge and understand what is happening on the micro level.  But this is only a tool.

The work YOU have to do is what is right in front of you now.  What is it that you need to take care of?  now what?  and now what?  Focus close to home. Focus on yourself and your immediate family.

There is an opportunity this week and tonight in particular  to shift and release old baggage permanently.  Heaps of it. Gather as much as you can and let it go!  These special alignments are always timely so remaining aware is key.

What is it that you are working on? What is the “thorn in your side”?  What do you need to do to shift it…. permanently.  Can you align yourself with the larger energetic and use the opportunity for life changing shift?  This is your work today.

Phrase of the day:  Get rid of it!

Song of the day:  Push it by Salt-n-Pepper (somehow, this becomes my theme song as I clear my field pushing out all the garbage…. even though I know the song means something else entirely! 😉




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