Wednesday, Mar 2nd, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Pick right up wherever you left off.  Remember the direction you were heading and step back in with fresh new eyes. Don’t worry about the “lost time”  or missed opportunities.  Simply come back into alignment with your intention and move forward.

Remember, you are not starting over, just moving forward in your non linear trajectory.  As you come back to “your path”  everything will feel clear again.  Yes, you may get sidetracked or even de railed in the future once more.  But each time you choose to step back into your path you create new passages into yourself.  These become stepping stones, making it easier and easier to come back to YOU.  So the mis steps or distractions actually become reinforcement in the long run.  More and  more ways for you to pick up where you left off with greater and greater ease.

Soon you will notice that you remember these pathways just as your foot is about to move off trail again and at that point you will have a choice.  Do you consciously choose to shift your focus because of what this tangential opportunity might bring, or do you stay in your linear mindset? Both option have meaning.  Both are valid.  With awareness, this dance of life becomes infused with grace and ease.

Song of the day :  Pick Up Where We Left Off by The Dynamics


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